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What is a macbook?

This informative brief is to supply you with information about the apple computer. When it was created, how it is run, and what makes it durable?

Brandi Malone

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of What is a macbook?

What is a macbook? Have you ever had a computer crash? History How does it run? What makes it durable? A mac is a Macintosh notebook that is made by Apple Inc. The first apple computer ever made was hand-built in the 1976 and was known as a computer kit called the mother board. The first Macintosh notebook itself was created in 1984 The Apple-based computer and built and ran by apple which constructed thier equiptment not to contract virus. Rumor? not at all says Apple all of thier equipment comes with software to resist and fight off viruses and malware according to apple.com/getamc Having an operating system that is ran and built by the same company allows the system to run more smoothly and more efficiently The Appe computers are also made of rugged polycarbonate that allows it to endure ware and tear without suffereing from any damage Have you ever tripped over your computer cord and damage your computer? Not with a macbook.(Video) You should have bought a macbook.(video) The mackbook is built with an Intel processor duro (notebooks) and quad(desktops) which helps holds good memory and increases the speed of the computer. according to apple.com/getamac The apple operating system even has the capabilites to run windows at your own derise according to apple.com/getamac It comes with great applications that makes life just a little bit easier. For example iwork which includes microsoft word,powerpoint, and excel and ilife which includes iphoto, photobooth, ichat, imove, itunes, and etc.
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