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Digital Rights Management in Libraries

No description

Nora Burmeister

on 21 July 2013

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Transcript of Digital Rights Management in Libraries

Digital Rights Management
What is it?
A collective name for technologies that prevent you from using a copyrighted digital work beyond the degree to which the copyright owner wishes to allow you to use it
Major Issues
for Libraries
Interoperability - Remember VHS?

Privacy - They know what you read

DMCA Anti-Circumvention Rules
- Preservation becomes illegal

Interlibrary Loans - Nope
Recent Developments
Xbox ONE-80

Major Issues Continued
How it works
Soft Restrictions
Why should you care?
Penguin pulled books

Amazon - 1984

Canada's ebook withdrawal

Overdrive raising prices
DRM free publishers
Creative Commons
Open source

Hard Restrictions
Extent of Use
Warnings or threats
Restricted copy and paste
Secure Container
Proprietary file types

DRM in Action:
A Look at Overdrive
Staying Current
Tech news - Wired, CNET, Gizmodo
ALA - Digital Content Working group
NewsNet- copyright mailing list
First sale- Their is no purchase

Fair use- Limits who can use what and when

Loss of collection decisions- Lender chooses what you can have

User rights vs lender rights- Lenders supersedes users


Why it doesn't work:
Different titles = different file types available = different restrictions
DRM in place: Authentication
Cannot print or copy & paste
Cannot directly transfer file
Secure container
Confusing and frustrating
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