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4 A Word and its Forms : Inflection

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lorena ospina

on 1 September 2010

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Transcript of 4 A Word and its Forms : Inflection

4 A Word and its Forms : Inflection 4.1
Words and Grammar lexemes, word farms and Grammatical words
4.2 Regular

4.3 Forms On Nouns
4.4 Forms Of Pronouns And Determinors
4.5 Forms Of Verbs 4.6 Forms
Of Adjectives 4.7
Summary Irregular inflection is when there´s no rule in the grammatical way of the word and the way to write it is unpredictable for instance irregular verbs and irregular plurals. Inflection appears in changes of number rules ( Singular - Plural ) Inflection in verbs is when the words change depending the tense or the person. Inflection affects nouns, verbs adjetives and a few adverbs , as well as the closed classes of pronouns, determiners, auxiliaries and modals. Inflection is when a word change
its gramatical context without its
meaning change. Adjectives are inflected when are used
in positive comparative and superlative
ways Regular inflection is conditioned
by the use of rules to make the words
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