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High level skill especially with hands

Gage Hallbauer

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Dexterity

Dexterity means, High level of skill, especially with the hands Hey it's me again. Here to tell you about a new
word. Except today we won't
be using Sam.... He quit because he didn't get
his pay check. He didn't get his
pay check because you guys
didn't give any tips. :( This is what Sam looked
like when he didn't get any
money. I Quit / ....Anyway, we hired Larry to tell you about the word..... All right Larry, show us what
it would look like if someone
were to have Dexterity. Perfect So you might be wondering..... You So how do
i remember
this word? Well that's really simple. The motion gives it away....... ....well... I think it does.... ....If I could only remember.. Larry do you
remember the motion? Yes? Great! what
was it? Ohh yeah.... Thanks Larry. The sweat, tears, and effort put into this
Prezi was all to help That's right, nobody
else. You can thank us by posting "nice" comments
on moodle. (tips are appreciate to help pay Larry so he won't quit too)
You T h E e n D It's a noun so you would say
someone has Dexterity.
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