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Who am I ....

No description

Hannah Serhan

on 12 July 2014

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Transcript of Who am I ....

A Palestinian girl ....
This is my family
my mom is from BAHRAIN and my dad is from LEBONON
I am from ....
im so glad to be from palestine
What i like to do
I Like to..... dance,play soccer,play with my family and play outside.
My grandparents
these are my grandparents from my dads side they are from lebonon my Grandma Iftikar was born in lebonon and she had lived in lebonon her whole life and my grandpa Abed was born in palestine and then moved to lebonon
My grandparents
these are my grandparents from my moms side my grandma Feryal was born in Lebonon and then she moved to Bahrain and my grandpa is from palestine then he moved to Bahrain
Fun facts for palestine
The word Palestine organizes from rhe word Phillistia given by the greek writers to the land of Palestines.

Palestine covers an area of 6,020 kilomoters.
when the palestine problem was created by Britain in 1917.
A poem
By hannah serhan
to everybody that cares about palestine
I have a dream
I have a dream to go back to Palestine and see all the refugees live in dignity and peace.
Palestine will be free
A little saying
'' Theres no place like home "
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