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ACE Playbook-Global EYK Prezi

The playbook is intended to describe an integrated practitioner experience that will power our next generation business environment.

Bethany Jones

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of ACE Playbook-Global EYK Prezi

Thank you! City Hall Future Vision for the Advisory Practitioner The ACE Playbook is intended to describe a future
integrated user experience. It illustrates how EY tools, methodologies, and templates can be leveraged in a more intuitive way, intersecting desired business outcomes with a practitioner's day-to-day business activities. These visual examples are not intended to be designs for a new application. Vision 2020
"Building a better working world" Methods Library A recent Global EY Knowledge survey revealed a large % of practitioners use Google as their primary source of client information Empowered and connected Advisory practitioners equipped to deliver superior client experience in a better working world! What if you could have "just-in-time" access to people and information that aligns with your daily business priorities - where and when you need it? Capture key functions of these tools in an integrated environment with improved navigation from a customized landing page that will act as a passport to information & expertise! Cost Reduction People Engagement Revenue Enhancement Higher Conversion Rates for Pursuits! Centralized Project
Information! Reduced project admin time, email clutter, and team meetings! Faster on-boarding! Reduced Travel Expenses! Standardized work products and techniques for reuse and metrics! Self-learning and just-in-time learning on service delivery methods! Clearer definition of project approach, outputs, and outcomes! Provide continuous improvement of service delivery! Better estimation of work effort! Embedded knowledge in service delivery methods!
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