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Procrastination Presentation

No description

Max Malloy

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Procrastination Presentation

Typically when students hear group projects, they assume that it is less work and an easy A

And then procrastination sets in... "GROUP PROJECTS" By: Sassy Perry and Max Malloy Procrastination Presentation! Community service Keep Bulloch County Beautiful Their purpose is to reduce waste, prevent litter, and beautify Bulloch County.

Volunteering opportunities with Keep Bulloch County Beautiful is only offered at very specific times of the year and make it difficult to simply volunteer within a time span.

Volunteering opportunities offered throughout the year include: The Great American Cleanup, Rivers Alive, or Arbor Day. What We Should Have Done Differently What each group member needs to have be successful with volunteering

Time management
Taking responsibility/initiative
Communicative skills
Flexibility within your group

An active leader that takes initiative and follows through is a key part of successful community service projects. We should have been more proactive by getting in touch with group members earlier, contacting the organization earlier, coordinated schedules and meeting times.

As a group our struggle was going out of our way to communicate with the rest of the group besides the one day of class we had each week.
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