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Airman Comprehensive Assessment (ACA)

No description

Betty Hill

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Airman Comprehensive Assessment (ACA)

Airman Comprehensive Assessment (ACA)
Air Force Form 931 / 932 / 724
I. Personal Information
II. Type of Assessment (Added Follow-Up)
III. Self-Assessment (Ratee, 3 days)
-4 Categories that stress knowing the importance of the following:
-Y = Yes or N = Need more information from the rater.
1. Responsibility (Integrity, Honesty, Peer Pressure, Time Mgmt, Support)
2. Accountability (Core Values, Situational Awareness, Living within $ means)
3. Air Force Culture (Example, Respect self/others, Wingman, Airman-ship)
4. Self (CAF, Goals)
IV. Airman's Critical Role in Support of the Mission (Rater) (Bullet format)
V. Individual Readiness Index (Rater: Requests from UDM)
R= UNSAT, G=SAT...AEF Indicator listed as well.

***All above items are standard for the forms listed above.

Air Force Form 931 (AB - TSgt)
VI. Performance: Leadership/Primary Duties/Followership/Training (Rater)
***AFI 36-2618 is used as the standard of expected performance***
***Few Airmen, Majority of Airmen, Some Airmen or Very few Airmen***
1. Task Knowledge/Proficiency (High quality work early, 3/4)
2. Initiative/Motivation (Little to no effort, 1/4)
3. Skill Level Upgrade Training (Far ahead of schedule w/ex. score, 4/4)
4. Duty Position Requirements (Ahead of time, 3/4)
5. Training of Others (Effectively trains others, 2/4)
6. Comments (Bullet format, Tailored to above areas)

Air Force Form 932 (MSgt - CMSgt)
VI. Performance: Leadership/Primary Duties/Followership/Training

1. Mission Accomplishment (Consistently Led is, 2/4)
2. Resource Utilization (Recognized Expert, 4/4)
3. Team Building (Little to no effort, 1/4)
4. Mentorship (Active, Visible Leader, 2/4)
5. Communication Skills (Expert Communicator, 3/4)
6. Complies/Enforces Standards (Consistently met/enforced stds, 2/4)
7. Duty Environment (Model & Coach, 4/4)
8. Training (Generated high performing teams, 3/4)
9. Comments (Bullet format, tailored to areas above)
VII. Followership/Leadership / 931
1. Resource Utilization (Good use of time/resources, 2/4)
2. Comply w/enforce standards (Raised std in all areas, 4/4)
3. Communication skills (Not articulate, 1/4)
4. Caring, respect and dignified environment (Fostered dignified envir., 2/4)
5. Comments (Bullet format, tailored to areas above)
VIII. Whole Airman Concept / 931
1. Air Force Core Values (Consistently demonstrated, 2/4)
2. Personnel and Professional Development (Exceeded goals, 3/4)
3. Esprit de corps & Comm. relations (Active, Org., Ocassionally Led, 3/4)
4. Comments (Bullet format, tailored to areas above)
VII. Whole Airman Concept / 932
1. Air Force Core Values (Embodiment, 3/4)
2. Personal & Professional Development (Tenaciously led others/self, 4/4)
3. Esprit de corps/comm. relations ( Fostered, 2/4)
4. Comments (Bullet format, tailored to above areas)
Knowing Your Airman / 931, 932, 724
1. How are you performing in the unit? How can your unit help you?
2. What are your goals for self-improvement? (SMART)
2a. Do you have personnel goals?
2b. What are your professional goals?
3. Do you have stressors?
4. Do you have Wingmen? Do you have at least one mentor?
5. How would you rate yourself as a mentor / wingman?
6. Suggestions or Feedback?
7. Expectations for unit / ratee.
Air Force Form 724 (2Lt thru Col.)
VI. Performance: (Not a lot of changes from previous edition)
1. Job Knowledge
2. Leadership Skills
3. Professional Qualities
4. Organizational Skills (Develops Innovative Solutions)
5. Judgment and Decisions
6. Communication Skills (Clearly and succinctly conveys ideas)
7. Physical Fitness (Discuss current AF Fitness Program and how lifestyle ensures fitness standard goals)

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