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Youth workforce presentation

LYRIC internship

ms. noyola-payne

on 7 September 2013

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Transcript of Youth workforce presentation

Spring, Summer, Fall/Winter
In The City Internship

*Split into two days for 3 hours
Social Justice Curriculum
Thematic learning
Popular education model
10 sessions
Experiential learning
Basic Overview of Program
12 youth interns
14 -18 years old
Three cohorts per year
$11 per hour
10-12 hours per week
Paid bi-weekly
13 week internship
Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center
Outreach team
Creative team
Popular education
Failed Ed system
Ethnic Studies

Sexism & Male Privilege

Health & Resistance
Food Justice
Environmental Justice
POC & Resistance
- Workforce & Leadership training
through a lens of
Youth Development & Social Justice.
Leadership and Event Planning
First nine trainings sessions focused on skill building.
Cohort split into three teams
Final project: produce a youth dance for queer youth and allies.
Our Dance
Social Justice Trainings
Recruitment Process Starts Again
Logistics team
Youth Program Assistants
Youth Advocacy
Youth Advocates also work with interns around issues they face such as - family, housing, and mental & physical health.
Transition Planning - College and Career
Build a resume
College & Career planning -linking to opportunities
Create a transition plan (after internship plan)
"Tree of LIFE" activity
*A mini evaluation for each intern is administered at end of cycle.

Supervision tool helps youth identify job competencies in order to keep track of performance throughout the internship.
Event planning model
“What I’ve learned about myself working at LYRIC is that I am a really inspirational person, not to toot my own horn. But I’ve heard a lot of people come up to me and be like, “Wow, Lolo, I’ve learned a lot from you and you made me [want to] do this or you made me [want to] do that.”And it’s a really good feeling to have to know that people look up to you as a leader. So I’ve learned that I have really strong leadership skills.”
“I think I’ve learned a lot about myself from doing this internship. I came into LYRIC really
struggling to figure out who I was at that time and being hired by LYRIC, and all the curriculum
we learned about gender and sexuality and social justice had really helped me put together
who I am. I really got to put together a puzzle of what my life was and who I was inside myself
and that was the most major thing I learned about myself: who I was and what my identity
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