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No description

Jerry Karacz

on 2 January 2012

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Transcript of Microscope

Eye Piece
Revolving Nose Piece
Stage Clips
Coarse Adjustment
Fine Adjustment
The part you look through that contains a lens capable of 10x magnification
Turns to change from one objective to another
Attached to the nose piece
Contains a lenses that further magnifiy the specimen
The platform to support the slide
Stage Clips
Holds the glass slide and specimen in place
Regulates the amount of light entering the scope
Source of light directed into the microscope
supports the whole microscope
Brings objects into rapid but 'coarse' focus
Brings objects slowly into 'fine' focus
ALWAYS adjust the course adjustment first!!!
Holds the objectives above the stage
Always handle slides and cover slips from the edges.
To avoid fingerprints
Why must a specimen be thin to be viewed under a microscope?
Introduction to the Microscope
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