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American History Timeline

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jaida bone

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of American History Timeline

My Timeline Project By: Jaida Bone 500
The Maya The city of Tikal becomes the first great Mayan city. The Maya
683 The emperor Pacal dies at the age of 80. 1001
The Vikings Leif Eriksson lands in present-day New Foundland. The Vikings
1010 Viking explorer Thorfinn Karlsefni attempts to found a settlement in North America. 1015
The Vikings Vikings abandon the Vinland settlement on the coast of North America. The Aztec
1434 The rulers of Tenochtitlan join with two other neighboring kingdoms to form the Aztec triple alliance. 1438
The Inca An emperor named Pachacuti was in the throne and began to conquest against it's neighboring peoples. 1441
The Maya There is a rebellion within Mayapan. The Inca
1440 The city of Cuzco grows rapidly in power after Pachacuti becomes emperor. 1492
Age of Discovery Columbus lands in the Americas. The Aztec
1520 Montezuma II dies and Cuitlahuac becomes the 10th emperor. 1520
The Aztec Cuitahuac dies from the first smallpox epidemic and Cuauhtemoc becomes the last emperor. Age of Discovery
1541 Hernando De Soto crosses the Mississippi River. Age of Discovery
1565 Spain establishes fort at St. Augustine, Florida. Early Colonization
1583 England attempts to colonize Roanoke, Virgina, but fails. Early Colonization
1607 Enlgland successfully colonizes Jamestown, Virginia (First successful English colony in North America). Early Colonization
1620 The Plymouth Colony was established. British Colonial America
1664 New Amsterdam becomes New York. British Colonial America
1681 William Penn founds Pennsylvania. British Colonial America
1702 New Jersey becomes a royal colony. French and Indian War
1754 French and Indian War begins. French and Indian War
1758 Jeffrey Amhearst and James Wolfe led a British assault that recaptured the fortress at Louisbourg. French and Indian War
1763 Proclamation of 1763 established. American Revolution
December 1776 Patriots capture Hessians at Trenton. American Revolution
October 17th, 1777 General John Burgoyne's 5,700 soldiers surrendered. Constitutional America
November 15th, 1777 The Inca
1530 Atahualpa defeats his half-brother Huascar winning control of the entire Inca Empire. The Articles of Confederation were adopted. American Revolution
February 1778 The French and Americans work out a trade agreement and an alliance. Constitutional America
1783 Treaty of Paris officially ends American Revolution. Constitutional America
September 1787 Delegates sign draft of the Constitution. The New Republic
April 30th, 1789 George Washington takes the oath of office. The New Republic
December 1791 Bill of Rights is added to the Constitution. The New Republic
1798 Congress passes the Alien and Sedition Acts. War of 1812
July 1812 The war begins when General William Hull led the american army from Detroit to Canada. War of 1812
September 13-14, 1814 Young attorney, Francis Scott Key, wrote a poem called "The Star-Spangled Banner" which is our national anthem since 1913. War of 1812
January 8th, 1815 Americans win the Battle of New Orleans. Antebellum America
1831 A black slave named Nat Turner led a group of religous followers on a brief, violent rampage, in Southhampton county, Virginia. Antebellum America
1837 Mary Lyon established Mount Holyoke female seminary in Massachusetts. Antebellum America
December 29th, 1845 Texas officially becomes a state of the United States. Mexican War
September 1846 Zachary Taylor's army captured Monterrey. Mexican War
March 1847 Winfield Scott's army captured the Mexican port of Veracuz. Mexican War
January 1848 The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed. Civil War
February 1861 Seven states left the Union and have formed the Confederacy. Civil War
April 25th, 1862 Union naval forces under David Farragut captured New Orleans, Louisiana. Civil War
January 1st, 1863 Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. THE END! Dark Green: Confederacy as of 1861
Red: Union as of 1861
Light Green: Border line states as of 1861
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