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Video Game Violence

No description

Brandon Ledbetter

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Video Game Violence

Video Game Violence Does Not Lead To This. Why Blame Video Games? It's Not The First Violent Movies Or "Violent" Music. This Is Just The Next Step Up. It's Still Considered a "Kids" Medium This Looks Normal This... Not So Much Most Peoples Information About Video Games Comes From the News. Video Games are Advancing Faster Than Other Mediums. From 1973 To 2010 What About The Studies? Studies Show "Corrolation" not Causation This Came Before This There is no Proven Method to Testing "Amount of Agression" There Are Just As Many Studies That Say The Opposite. How Dangerous Are the Games? Bill Gephardt is here and he says there is a loophole in a kid's game that could actually allow players to see... porn?
-Mark Koelbel With a click of the code-word 'Hot Coffee' players can view nudity and play sex games. The Feds say ads and packaging for Grand Theft Auto are misleading...
-Bill Gephardt What If the Cencorship Goes Unchecked? What If We Stop The Cencorship? What Should I Do? Here's a Few Methods:
Hitting a Teddy Bear
The Words a Child Says
Brain Scans, "Inconclusive"
Facial Movements
Allowing or Taking Privalges of Others
Things Said to Inanimate Objects GAME OVER What Are You Going to Do?
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