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Hiro Mashima

No description

mary jones

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Hiro Mashima

Writer and illustrator
of Hiro Mashima By: Mary Jones en.wikipedia.org Hiro Mashima Hiro Mashima Wrote and illustrated the now famous manga story called Fairy Tail. Born May 3rd, 1977 in Japan and is still alive today! Before Fairy Tail in 2006 he wrote another manga called Rave Master. This one was good too, but didn't take off like Fairy Tail did. He wrote Rave master in 1999 to 2005. He lives in Japan still with his loving wife and daughter while he continues writing Fairy Tail. This is an example of his work Hiro is a drawer. If I would have to give him a genre that fits him it is he is a fiction drawer. He takes things that could happen in life and gives them properties that makes it fantasy. Most of his characters are based off someone he knew in real life! When I look at his art I do see some good skill being used. His color is one of them. See how nastu's hair is pink? What does it make you think about him? To me it makes me think he's a fun character and a main one because he looks a little different. Some times this isn't true, but in this case it is. Nastu is a dim minded kid still who loves his guild which is his family. He is the main character and is very funny because he is not very bright. Let's use another example of how he used color. There is three people with dark blue hair and are new to the story line. The females are clumsy physically, while the guy seems to mess up mentally. They seem to be mysterious at first too, but as the story goes on you learn just who they are. The only one I haven't learned fully is Jellal. He's good then Bad. He yet has to choose who he truly wants to be! What started all his success? It all started when he entered a competition. He wrote and drew a 60 page manga and the judges loved it. He won first prize. This made him want to continue drawing manga's because he was good at it. Jellal Wendy Juvia Levi Those are just two of the coloring things I've noticed that make the story line more enjoyable. Other art skills Hiro used in making this manga is Line. Lines help him get across your mind that speed is greater than normal or just that a battle is taking place. Lines are also used to show that a character is upset or embarrassed by something that happened. Example of Line work. Shape is a big one that he used. It symbolizes that the bigger the object or person, the more of a problem they will be. It will take them longer to take down something huge than something of their size. This creates the adventure part of the story. And also symbolizes another battle is coming. Take dragons for example, they are bigger than the wizards and are harder to kill. The main ones who have a chance of killing them is the ones called Dragon Slayers. They were raised by dragons and taught to use a dragon's power. This was so the magic art wouldn't die. Nastu is a Dragon Slayer and was abandoned by his dragon Igneel. The Fire Dragon. Form is also used in the characters besides being 3D. Hiro would make a character flatten if he got stepped on to give you the same pain feeling the character got. It makes the feelings of the characters seem similar to yours. It's also to make you laugh and enjoy the material. Another way is Hiro will make a characters face more round when they are making fun of something. This is a way to show happiness or mockery. It also can be to show that they were scared or shocked by something. One skill I have some trouble using is Space. Hiro uses it to give you the experience like they are talking to you or like you are right there. He does this by making characters be so far away from each other when they talk. Kind of like giving you room to be right between them. Lucy Happy Form example Shape/Size example Example of Space Texture is a big art skill to use in works similar to Hiro's. He used texture to make you feel the pain his characters may go through. Like making something that looks sharp hit a character in the skin makes you feel or remember similar pain you have been through. It draws you into the manga more. It also is great on the background by making the walls look smooth you know its a knewer building, but if it's rough and not perfect you get the older building feeling. This helps with telling if something is new or old. This guy seems he would hurt if he hit you! Like dropping a rock on your hand or foot! Value is one of my favorite art skill. Hiro used it to express his characters feelings. For example, the character will have a shadow over their face if they failed to be successful, or if they are angry/irritated. But if they are happy, then they will have a glitter look in their eyes and their whole face would be light up! Focused Erza, example of Value Last but not least there is COLOR! I've already talked about how Hiro used that art skill in his works, so let's go on to compare two of his art works! Fairy Tail
Rave Master! Fairy Tail looks like a family more than just a group of friends. They look like they go on a lot of adventures and are happy being with each other. Rave Master looks like they are just a group of friends who bound together to survive in the world and not be lonely. And that they're friendship will fall in and out. Fairy tail says to me that they look like they love having fun. Rave Master looks like they will stick together to protect each other. The flame in the pink haired boy's hand represents to me that they use magic. The guy in the middle makes me think they fight with just weapons and not magic. They both look like they have great friends and a mission to do. Like starting adventures to better the world. I bet these two stories are similar due to the fact the same man wrote them. They look to have the same amount of main characters. Six human like ones and two animal like ones or pets. Hiro used ink and pencil to create his art. I can't say much about the material he use's other than them, but I can talk a little about how the stories similarities show his idea of a great creation. When he created his art works of Fairy Tail and Rave Master he made them similar. This is because he likes to base his characters off things and people from everyday life and put them into a story. One of them is a fair sized group that goes on adventures together. I think this is about six main characters with two side ones. From this he can create all sorts of drama that people like us could face in real life. That's what makes his works so enjoyable. The the one thing that I think Hiro could do to make it very easy to read his works is to do everything in black and white and color the object or person he wants you to pay attention to. This would help people follow the foreshadowing of the story. Another thing he could do is keep it all colored and make a glow like appearance around the thing or person that's the foreshadow. I would like it if he did that. In Hiro's story of Fairy Tail, the main character that starts it off is Lucy. He use's Lucy to show that the economy is hard to live in because even getting a rented room costs a lot. This causes Lucy to have to take on missions with her friends to earn money to live happily where they are and pay for food expenses. Also how they have vendors out on the streets. It gives you the Japan feeling all around. The clothes style is different though, but yet similar in some cases. That's a prat of how he creates his work though. He takes things in real life and puts them into a story. The attitudes in Hiro's work of Fairy Tail is the basic friendship or family love you get in real life. He conects his characters through feelings. In Fairy Tail, their strongest power in the guild is the love they have for each other. And Hiro shows that if you love something and have a strong bond with it, you will always make it though. No matter what you have to defeat to protect it. I can't find what awards he has gotten for his works. But I'm sure he's gotten some for Fairy Tail at least. This manga of his is a bit hit! Young people and old people love it! It's a very good story with good art work that makes you laugh or cry. Fairy Tail is one of the most read manga's out there along with Naruto and Bleach. Fairy Tail gives off Hiro's culture because first off it's in his language. Second the homes are built like ones in japan might be. And third off his characters looks/style of clothing reflects his culture The impact Fairy Tail has put on our current world is that people want to be more like japanese. They want to buy their clothing to look like the characters in Fairy Tail. Also I think it might encourage people to take a trip there to see what it's like there. In my eyes I believe that Hiro creates his works to get things off his mind. Also it's like an escape from reality. And in his story he likes to show relationships between people that occur in real life. He likes to mode a perfect world almost, but no such thing exist so you get the evil villains in it too. The main message he shows through his characters is love for one another. And I believe anyone who watches or reads his art work is listening to the message. THE END Web Credits
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