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Supporting Smallholder Farmers

This presentation is meant to accompany Canadian Foodgrains Bank's Harvest of Letters campaign for 2014-15. Visit foodgrainsbank.ca/letters for more information.

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Transcript of Supporting Smallholder Farmers

Supporting Smallholder Farmers
Harvest of Letters
Agriculture is important
Hunger alleviation
Progress in other sectors
Support for Women Farmers
Improved farming practices
Canada's Support
Global leader since 2009
sustainable agricultural development
food assistance.
Support for agriculture is falling.
Commitment to nutrition and food assistance still strong
Increased investment in
Canada's direct funding can improve the success of smallholder farms
Canada can influence other countries to do the same
Influencing Policies
called as Christians
privilege as Canadians
it works!
Untying Food Aid
Climate Change Financing
Untying Food Aid

The Big Difference
Delivery time:
From Canada
11-19 weeks
Local Purchase
4-6 weeks
Cost: at least
per ton cheaper
Last year - Foodgrains Bank saved more than $2 million through untied food aid
What can you do?
Write to your MP
Email your MP
Meet with your MP
Go for the biggest impact!
Talk to friends or other community members who would be supportive–a group of two or three is great for an MP visit;
Contact us for help! 1-800-665-0377
Send a personal letter
Make the letter your own.
No form letters, please!
Copy the Prime Minister:

and also the Minister of Development:
Canada can reduce hunger by investing in agriculture in developing countries.

Canada's support should focus on
smallholder producers,
especially women.
Climate Change Financing
Increased funds for adaptation
Sustainable, Smallholder Agriculture
is important
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