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Taekwondo Canada Move to WTF Global Membership System

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WTF Licence

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Taekwondo Canada Move to WTF Global Membership System

Taekwondo Canada move to the
WTF Global Membership System

French Language Translation
WTF GMS will be translating the system into multiple languages and French should be available in the near future.
User guides will be made available in French.

After the GMS is live:
Provincial Fees will be paid to the PSO.
National Licence (colour & black belt): $22.00
Global Licences: $40.00
Club: $125.00
Licence Membership Cycle
Licences on the GMS system are issued on a calendar year basis
Renewal begins Sept
For example - renew in Sept 2015, Licence is valid until Dec 2016.
All current registrations will extend until Dec 31, 2015.

Once GMS is live Registrants should upload an appropriate Passport Style picture.
Picture is for Licence Card
User guide will be available

Data Transfer & Statuses

Data & Statuses from SDNA will be transferred into the GMS as follows:
Awaiting Renewal > Expired
Pending Approval > Unapproved
Active > Approved

SDNA Data Transfer to GMS
If you were in the SDNA system your data will transfer into the GMS system

Registrants may continue to complete their Registrations on SDNA from now until SDNA closes – exact date is TBD.
Individuals who will need a GAL may get their GAL applications in the usual way – found on TC website under Membership> WTF Global Licence.

WTF Online Registration
A faster, simpler way for all students, clubs/schools, competitors, coaches & team officials to complete the registration process.
The system will offer both National and Global Licences (GAL).
Live in near future

WTF Global Licence benefits (GAL)
Same as the above, plus:
WTF Profile
A personal site for WTF ranked athletes where the world will see your ranking points, your belt rank etc. Your WTF Profile will eventually contain your full WTF Taekwondo history including photos, etc.
Four Memberships in one
Ability to take part in WTF, PATU, TC and other Tournaments, as well as recognition at seminars and activities within WTF, PATU and within Canada.
Easy Online registration for WTF G-Ranked Tournaments
Including Canada Open, other G-1 events around the world using the WTF Online Registration, and all G-2 events.

All registrants must also register with their PSO’s.
PSO’s will advise TC if any members who register through the GMS do not meet provincial requirements and may be removed.
All registrants are required to adhere to TC and relevant PSO bylaws and policies.

Clubs - Registration
Once live, Club Administrators will be identified based on the SDNA data (Head Instructor or Contact Person and Primary email address).
Club Admins, if not already transferred into the GMS as Approved, will need to activate their own Licence, then activate their Club so that their athletes can register under the appropriate club.

Missing docs will be required for uploading after the transfer or next membership cycle (to be able to renew).  
System will prompt the user.

After Transition to GMS
SDNA will be closed & no more registrations will be accepted – exact date is TBD.
GMS will go live.
Registrants will apply for or renew National & Global Licences on GMS – exact date is TBD.
A user guide will be made available on the TC website under Resources.
Dates will be communicated.

TC will be moving our Sporting DNA National Database and Registration System to the WTF’s Global Membership System (GMS).
All Registrants will receive a Licence Card.

Any Questions email Elise Doyle at edoyle@taekwondo-canada.com

WTF National Licence benefits
An Official Taekwondo ID
A Photo ID Card that identifies the license holder as part of WTF, PATU, Taekwondo Canada, their province and Club.
Will apply as it did previously. For those clubs who require additional Optional Insurance Coverage will email Elise Doyle at edoyle@taekwondo-canada.com
Coming Soon:
Ability to register online to TC and selected events in only a few clicks.
Ability for Clubs to utilize GMS for their club management, including fees, attendance etc. This data will all be accessible only to the club.

Licence Type - National & Global.
When GMS is live, new registrants select either the National or Global Licence (depending on their needs).
It is not an option to request two types of Licences from the GMS.
Once live individuals may apply through GMS.

Sample Licences

WTF Profile
National Licence
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