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let’s go with maa’n in this voyage

No description

Eman Hesham

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of let’s go with maa’n in this voyage

let’s go with maa’n in this voyage
Thanks maaan :D
Presented by:
Eman Hesham
Batch 25
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
what we doing in this voyage ?
• Every week we start to sail in the sea of
information about labor market.
• We are coming all the 11 fridays to discover more and more .
• we shocked , dissapointed, but still believe that we will tried untill end.
the ship’s crew
Maa’n great members
The ship’s captain
eng. osama elgawady
• He is our great captain and worked hard to presnt to us every friday lecture.
• Thanks and appreciation to maa’n.
• Thanks eng. osama.
what i learned in maa’n
• Work hard.. work hard..and finally work hard.
• Don’t expect that the egpytian labor market is good, it’s worest than you expect.
• Google is a treasure you can become cool if you learn how to use it.
what i ’ll learn in maa’n
I don’t know & I cant expect, but I’m sure that it will be wonderful batch.

• This crew working hard to give us the most
comfotable trip every week.
• Appreciation from heart to our great members.
our great leader :D
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