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This presentation outlines the plans and recommendations for Literacy and Learning at Thorneligh Salesian college 2013.

vicky whiting

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Literacy

Literacy and Learning
Thornleigh 2013 Literacy The Three L's inspired by
Graham Tyrer Literacy, Learning and Leadership.

Raising the whole school commitment to literacy across the curriculum. Exploring the literacy needs of the students and staff in our school.
Providing opportunities for our Literacy community to raise its skills and status. Each y6 student provides their best piece of work from y6
(This happens on key visits)

This work is then stuck into the front cover of each class book as a marker for success.
Teachers have a very easily accessible piece of written work for reference. Continuity Improving student's attitude to literacy.

Literacy Lecture Series: 6th form based on functional literacy test.

Whole school literacy MOT in Sept - last lesson of the first day back. Whole School Thinking Literacy across the Curriculum...
Moodle: 1 homework per term for each year group that has a literacy focus for each subject.
Keep it simple... key spellings, glossary of terms, locate and retrieve information

3 essentials... for successful writing that everyone should be aware of:
Internal punctuation

All resources to support staff on Moodle
Delivered in Assemblies - Year groups Literacy should be at the
heart of everything we do
... all teachers are teachers
of literacy. Leadership:
The power of the leaderless network

The aim of the Literacy leadership Campaign
is to create a number of literacy leaders
within the school.
Staff, students, sixth formers. Literacy at Thornleigh
2013 Any Questions? We hope that once you have received the training and are fully aware of the expectations you will make a genuine commitment.

It’s better to work with a small group of really committed individuals rather than a large group of people who simply like the idea of helping out. The commitment… Literacy Leaders will be expected to give up one lesson or one registration per week in order to support Literacy in the lower school.
Buddy Reading
Small group reading
Supporting will spelling, punctuation and sentence structure. What does the Literacy Leaders scheme involve? The training will take place Thursday 22nd November from 3:15-4pm in the 6th form library and resource centre.

The “Checking Process” will start the following week beginning 26th Nov up until Christmas when we will review its success. When is the training? Give up 20 minutes a week during tutorial period or registration in order to help a fellow student improve the written and structural quality of their work.
Students* will sign up to get some help from you… you won’t be expected to help with subject content, you will literally just be checking that they essay makes sense grammatically and structurally. What will I have to do? What is Thornleigh doing about it?
Research shows that peer modelling and coaching is one of the key ways to raise standards.
The Literacy Leaders and Checkers scheme is a way that you can share literacy skills and enhance your knowledge and understanding of literacy elements. Being Part of the Leading Literacy Project in our College Did you also know that the Agenda for Further Education, Colleges and Universities highlights literacy as one of the ‘5 shortage skills’ presented by students. Being Part of the Leading Literacy Project in our College If you are more interested in the Literacy Leaders scheme which looks at helping support students in lower school with reading and writing; the training will take place Nov 22nd. Literacy Leaders It looks great on a reference…

It will be a positive and rewarding contribution to the improving life of the college

It will force you to become more conscious and more skilful in the construction of your own work. Why should I bother? Did you know that one of the main skills looked for by an employer is ‘the ability to use accurate and appropriate modes of communication?’ Being Part of the Leading Literacy Project in our College Because this is a voluntary programme we would like you to choose the year group or class you wanted to support. You might base you decision on:
Future career choices
Specialist subject knowledge
Working with a key teacher
A sibling being in that class You can choose… Checkers:
These students (only y13) are skilled writers and communicators who feel confident enough to support other 6th form students.
Checkers will receive some very specific training that will help them spot mistakes, proof read work, structure essays and give constructive feedback.
Checkers will benefit from analysing the mistakes of others and instructing them how to improve.
The learning retention pyramid indicates that students who teach others retain over 90% of the skill that they are teaching. What are we looking for? The presentations
to 6th form students Week...

Each Term there is a literacy event. Events for 2013 1. Writing: There is to be a whole school, staff and parents writing competition that will be promoted in Assemblies and in form. These will be submitted at reception... VLE, winners announced, 2. Reading
Read-athon: to raise money for Tanzania.
Whole school will aim to read for 1 whole week non-stop. Each class will take part.
Video footage on VLE and shown in Assemblies. Invite Waterstones in to set up in the hall. 3> Speaking and Listening
'The Grimms' Tales'
A public performance of 3 of the brothers Grimm stories.
Includes: Staff, G&T students, primary students and teachers. Additional work on the Shakespeare
production in July 3rd/ 4th could be part
of the term for speaking and listening. Establishing transitions with Year 6 - 7
My best work... The Whole school marking policy. Each teacher will be expected to identify:

spelling errors of high frequency words/ homonyms as well as subject specific errors.

Basic boundary punctuation errors (capital letters and full stops)

Provide a comment on use of connectives and paragraphing. 6th Form leaders and checkers

Reading support - all students form time
Group discussion - all students form time
Spelling support - identified cohort - spelling APP, RM 52.
Class support: KS3 and GCSE - G&T 6th form students who are exceptionally skilled at literacy.

RE: Literacy Proposal. Literacy Leaders:

Create posters and displays for literacy.
Work in the school library
Present on literacy in assemblies
Represent the school at literacy events.
Create literacy resources to help other students.
Gold/ Silver/ Bronze. Staff
Volunteers who want to do more with literacy in their own lessons. Literacy Page - VLE

KS3, KS4, Parents,
"just for fun activities." Learning:

Research shows that improved literacy is the catalyst to better learning across whole school.

Staff training on ideas to include more literacy in lessons:delivered by students (literacy leaders) and staff alike. Contagious...
staff will be exposed far
more to the importance of literacy
in splash week assemblies and
love literacy launches. Flood the school with literacy ideas...

Word of the week - staff and students have to try to use it in a variety of contexts. Using Talk as a gift!!!

Book of the month

Books are placed in reception for visitors to read - along side a review written by a literacy leader.
The book is also placed in the staffroom and in the school library.

The message emerges that literacy is the fabric of our life... the things we say, read and write. Follow me on
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