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Tropical Dry Forest

No description

Claire McGregor

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Tropical Dry Forest

The best time of the year to travel is between November and April during the dry season. It is much more enjoyable to be able to see the wildlife in their habitat without being drenched in rain. When to travel.. As far as clothes go it gets very hot and humid during the dry season, however you want to be fully covered. Wearing long sleeve shirts and pants (other than Jeans) will be ideal, so you won't get sunburn, or be bothered by insects. PACKING LIST PLANTS Some plants in the tropical dry forest are deciduous, they lose their leaves at the beginning of the dry season. Besides those plants, there are some other plants that you may come across such as: Animals One of the more popular animals in the dry forest is the yellow-naped parrot, specifically in Costa Rica. They are becoming extinct because of deforestation. By:Claire McGregor Tropical Dry forest Geographical location Tropical dry forests can be found in many places, they are usually near the equator, they're located in some parts of Africa, South and Central America, Mexico, India, Australia, and Tropical Islands. Footwear- Wear comfortable, protective shoes so that a cut will not become infected, bring an extra pair if the other gets wet. Many people like to bring hiking gear so when on a tour, you will be prepared for anything. When touring the tropical dry forest there will be lots of walking, bringing running shoes or hiking boots would be a smart idea. Columnar cacti Agaves Aloes Drought-tolerant orchids Bromeliads Acacia Tree Another interesting animal is the Ocelot, they're medium sized, spotted cats with a long tail. Other animals include the White tailed deer, Black Iguana, Nine-banded armadillo, and the Howler monkey. Columnar Cacti Agaves Aloe Drought-tolerant orchids Bromeliads Acacia Tree yellow- naped parrot Ocelot
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