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Innovation and Change Management at ENOC

How ENOC used the ADKAR model to promote its innovation program & what were results from this program which reflect the success of this change. The use of Employee Suggestion Schemes as a tool for driving change on many levels will also be explored.

Tala Al Ansari

on 9 June 2013

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Transcript of Innovation and Change Management at ENOC

Change Saturation
2011-2012 Successful change
in 128 Days at Employee Suggestion Scheme Change that comes from employees How did we do it? Transparency of suggestions!

Trust (Evidence&feedback)

Continuous Communication 15 adopted qualitative suggestions:
*3 implemented
*12 ‘Being implemented'

17.8% Participation rate vs 10% benchmark

Customer Satisfaction= 4.6 / 5.0 What next?

Focused Sessions
Stakeholder feedback
Improved System We shared our experience....

Care to share an idea from yours for us? Any Questions? Tala Al Ansari Total of 76% Induction Video The magical WIIFM Factor What are the challenges?
Why would employees fear to share their suggestions? Recommendations:

*CM Models are a good guide
*Put Business Knowledge to use
*Put yourself in their shoes
*Communicate Communicate
*Transparency where possible Video Guides
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