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Life Without Parole For Juveniles

No description

Molly Korthase

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Life Without Parole For Juveniles

Life Without Parole For Juveniles

In the United States...
The United States is the only country where the sentence of life without parole is allowed for juveniles
Graham V Florida
Psychopath Vs Sociopath
“More than 25% of people serving life without parole after being sentenced as children were convicted of felony murder or accomplice liability, meaning they were not the primary perpetrators of the crime, and may not have even been present at the time someone was killed” (“Facts about life without parole for children, n.d.).
Juwan Wickware
What is the Goal?
An excerpt from the book Life Without Parole: America’s New Death Penalty? By Ogletree (2012):
But to advocate for parole availability for all life sentences (that is, the abolition of LWOP in all cases) requires at least two concessions:
first, that there are no crimes for which the proper punishment is life behind bars...people are capable of change and reformation, regardless of their crime, and that it is possible to identify who those people are.
(p. 197)

In 2005
The death penalty for minors was abolished.
The court ruled that under the eighth amendment said sentence was unconstitutional.
In 2010
Graham V Florida
The Eighth Amendment
Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
On the State Level
De Facto Life
Lack of Knowledge
"Most of my clients had never heard of life imprisonment without parole...they're just not used to thinking that far ahead."-Defense Lawyer Byron Stevenson
Stats of a Juvenile Offender
“54.1% of people serving life-without-parole sentences for crimes committed as youth reported witnessing violence in their homes...46.9% reported experiencing physical abuse. 79.5% of girls reported sexual abuse” (Nellis, 2012).
"There's no sense in destroying a second life if that life is actually redeemable. If there's anyone who still has a modicum of redemption left in their life, it's a juvenile." -Charles Dutton (Totenberg, 2012)
Disregard for law and others
Skilled Manipulators
NO Guilt or remorse
Prone to violence
Underdeveloped psychopath, often viewed as troubled
Maude M. Hughey Kemper
Edmund Emil Kemper, Sr
Mary Anne Pesce
Anita Luchessa
Aiko Koo
Cindy Schall
Rosalind Thorpe
Alice Liu
Clarnell Strandberg
Sara Hallett

Judge Vs Psychiatrist
The Key Factors

Roper V Simmons
Only in cases pertaining to murder is the sentence of LWOP for juveniles constitutional.
The majority of sentences of life without parole for youths have been imposed in states where judges are obligated to impose it as a mandatory sentence.
When the sentence exceeds life expectancy
Flash Forward
"More than 2,500 individuals nationwide will enter prison as teenagers, grow into adults, and die – all behind bars” (Watt, 2014).

Adult Vs Child
Charles Dutton
Quit School-12
Actor, producer, and director
Edmund Kemper
Antisocial personality disorders
“Blackwood explains that psychopaths do not fear the pain of punishment and they are not bothered by social stigmatization. Psychopaths are indifferent to the expectations of society and reject its condemnation of their criminal behavior” (Bonn, 2014).

Troubled Youth
Age 16 when robbery attempt was committed
Who measures capability of redemption?
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8th Amendment
Child v. Adult
Psychopath vs redeemable youth
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