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Alexander Graham Bell

No description

isabella bunn

on 10 January 2015

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Transcript of Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell
By: Hannah, Evanne, Bella, Henry, and Noah
Mrs. McKnight's Core 1
6th Grade, 2014
Bell's Inventions
Personal Quote
Where did we get our info?
We did our research at many different websites and books. Here is a list:

-Alexander Graham Bell-A Discovery Book by:Elizabeth Montgomery
(We also used our History book and "jot" notes.)
March 10, 1876
Thanks for watching!
We hope that you learned all about Alexander Graham Bell and his experiments that impacted our lives! ;)

~Hannah, Evanne, Bella, Henry, and Noah
Early Life
What He Inspired in Us Today
We now have so many different communication devices-(iPhones, Galaxys, etc...) all starting with Bell's amazing invention. His inventions changed the way we communicate today. (Think: Over 130 years ago, the only way of communicating was through telegraph and mail.)
Left: Apple iPhone 6 and 6+
(September 19, 2014)
Right: Samsung
Galaxy S5
(February 24, 2014)

What We Have Now
Alexander Bell
baby pics
February 19,1880
The Metal Detector
(*unknown month/date*
Metal Detector:
An electronic device that gives
an audible or other signal when it
is close to metal such as hidden weapons.
A system that coverts acoustic vibrations
to electrical signals in order to transmit
sound technical voices using wire or radio.
A photo-phone is a
device which allows for the
transformation of speech on a
beam of light.
Last years
Alexander Bell was born Edinburgh, Scotland on March 5, 1847. The name Graham wasn't added until he was 10. He was home- schooled by his mother. He attended Royal High-school in Edinburgh when he was 11, and he dropped out when he was only 15--without a highschool diploma. He went to college at the Universties of Edinburgh and London.
In the last years of his life, Bell worked as a teacher for the deaf and as an inventor. He was also president of The Clarke School for the Deaf in Northampton, Massachusetts.
Bell died in his sleep August 2, 1922. The phone lines were shut down for 1 minute in his memory and magnificent inventions.
Alexander Graham Bell
Fun Facts:
-The first words ever spoken on a telephone were: "Mr. Watson, come here please. I have something to tell you."
(Compare and contrast
1800's telephones VS the phones we have today.)
-The first phone was made over 130 years ago.(138 to be exact..)
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