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Sherrie Berry

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of FIGURE 19

FIGURE 19 Are you reading to be informed, persuaded, or entertained? Establish a Purpose for Reading Having a purpose
directs your thinking and
can change how you read
the text. Persuade
Entertain Ask Questions! BDA Before...During...After Make predictions Clarify meaning Focus attention on what's important A...A...A Monitor & Adjust
Comprehension Awareness=
Tracking Thinking Attention
When?What? Actions
"thinking toolbox" Background
Knowledge Schema It's like a movie in my mind! Visualization Uses all 5 senses Imagery TC + BK = I Making Inferences Text Clues + Background Knowledge = Inference Identify or generate main ideas Connect the Main or central idea Eliminate redundant & unnecessary information Summary Text to Self Making Connections Text to Text Text to World
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