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Voiceware by PhoneSuite

End User Presentation

Aimee Meester

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Voiceware by PhoneSuite

Hotel Telephone Systems - Simplified. Scalable. Superior.
Installation & Support
and a System...
Requirements for
Backwards compatible
Let's Get Started
Founded in 1988 by two Bell Labs Engineers - and profitable every year since the first year
All products manufactured in the US, with headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado
Moving to Voiceware
Leverages VoIP and traditional PBX functionality
Operates on open standards hardware
Software based - easily upgradable with new features
Superior features and functionality at a lower price
Robust PMS interfaces
Intuitive, simple guest
and front desk interfaces
Guest Rooms
Front Desk & Admin

Multiple time/ day options
Customized daily recording -
"Today is May 28, and the weather will be a beautiful 86 degrees. Come out to the pool and enjoy happy hour from 11:00 to 3:00"
Strong wake up call logs - who did what and when
Not just a wake up, an IVR -
Press 1 to snooze for 10 minutes
Press 2 for room service
Press 3 for restaurant specials
Press 4 for resort activities
And everything is in the guests native language
Console Guest Pop-Up
Front Desk Pop-Up
Room Service
Hosted SIP
Jerry Moore
Direct 720-889-4033
Toll Free 800-245-9933 x321
Mobile 303-895-7167
Next Steps
1. Schedule Site Survey to determine setup requirements
and LAN infrastructure

2. Determine phone counts and types for guest room
phones and admin phones

3. Detailed quote and review

4. Schedule installation date and assign project manager

5. Schedule staff training sessions for pre-train and
post installation training.

6. Sales Agreement signed and payment information arranged.
Focused entirely on the hospitality industry
The preferred phone solutions provider for hospitality - with over 3800 systems installed in properties with 30 - 400 rooms
Scalable to any size property
The Wake Up Call Improved

Voicemail to email option
Auto delivered messages from the hotel or group -
"Thank you for staying at Hilton. You have a package at the front desk."
Message retention after checkout
Simplified Voicemail

911 call alarm and handling
Blind or supervised call transfer to any extension
Easy reporting - print or PDF
Customizable inbound call handling -
Day/night programmable modes
Cascading calls - front desk to manager to cell phone
Customizable IVRs for automated information -
Press 1 for directions
Press 2 for check in information
Press 3 for the concierge
Press 4 for reservations

Voicemail to email functionality
Call recording for training and security
ACD capability for reservation center or call queuing - "Your call is next"
Flexible DID system - any number pointing to any destination
Option of retaining guest data for future stays
Loyalty program mobile app integration
Secure remote access to system programming
Automatic or manual back-up/restore options with upload/download
Constant health monitoring with email alerts

Receive calls from outside the hotel with their own phone number or can be reached through hotel extensions
Guest name and room number display
Can link to wake-up calls or voicemail to transfer
Multiple answering options -
Time/day based choices
Reservation mailbox
Live answer
Current phones
Current labeling
Network Infrastructure to the Internet
Local area network control and understanding
Cost of SIP phones vs analog
Cost savings of SIP trunks
Consider the
Group functionality for conventions, weddings and more
Loyalty programs -
DID number assigned to guests
Records to ensure the guest has the optimal experience
Consolidated front desk operations - reduce staffing requirements while improving customer service
Intuitive functionality using the latest technology to increase efficiency and guest satisfaction
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