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Cities and Towns in Republic if Texas / Transportation of Republic Texas

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Pavansai Tummala

on 1 March 2012

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Transcript of Cities and Towns in Republic if Texas / Transportation of Republic Texas

Cities and Towns in Republic of Texas
Transportation in Republic of Texas Many Texans that are old settlers or new imigrants were most likly farmers or rancgers. In the cities people (farmers) cleared land to build home sheades, plants crops, and created pastures for gazing animals. Farmers planted food for there own family and they grew corn, cotton, wheat, rey or oatsto earn money for there family. In the republic , many ranchers raised animals for there use or to sell. People also teaveled all the way to New orleans to sell stuff on the market to make money for there living. Mecedonio Vela, Hipolito Garcia, and Dionisio Guerra are one of the best ranches in the Republic of Texas. Some free African Americans like Robert Thompson also owned land. Mst jobes in the Reoublic was related to agriculture. The people travel in poor roads that were realy poor. The Teaxas travel in horse backs or stagechoch
and they both were realy unsape to travel in. The new steamboat help travel goods Texas. The roads were in bad conditions because of the bad weather. By Pavansai Tummala By Pavansai Tummala The End Hope You Enjoyed it
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