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Persuasive Writing Group Activity

Pod 6 Champlin, prompt number 3.

Janna Fadler

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Persuasive Writing Group Activity

Persuasive Writing Adding a healthy fast food chain restaurant to Eyer Middle School would benefit the school in several different forms. A restaurant that Eyer could install is Subway. Subway would benefit the school financially, as well as many other ways. The restaurant Subway is well liked by many students, meaning students would definitely buy from Subway, which would mean less students packing lunch from home and more income for the school. Plus, the teachers would benefit from this, too. Earning more money for the school would result in better education, it would then be like a good snowball effect. The extra profit could be used for more than one purpose, as well. It could be used for school supplies, field trips, and a higher payroll for the faculty. Plus, who doesn't want more money for the school? Adding Subway to Eyer Middle School would definitely be a positive choice. By: Janna Fadler By: Erminio Macchigodena, Reese Kober, & Janna Fadler Prompt #3 Thanks for Watching! A second way subway would be a good idea to our school is is it would be a healthy addition to the school. One way subway could be a good addition to the school is that the food provided from subway is fresh and healthy. This is vital to our school because less students would be obese and start to have a healthy diet. If the students had a healthier lunch choice wouldn't they be more focused. Another reason is if the school has a healthier lunch, provided by subway, the students would be more focused in school because they have some of the nutrients to pay attention and be focused in school. If the school offered a healthy addition to the lunch menu (subway) then wouldn't the school look better overall. If you add subway to the lunch menu then more students purchase subway lunches which gives them the needed nutritional value. Thus, students have are more focused which results in students getting better grades. This results in the school looking better to fellow citizens planning to join the East Penn School District. These are some just of the many reasons why subway would be a healthy addition to our school. A final way that that Eyer Middle School would benefit from adding a Subway restaurant to our cafeteria is that it's enjoyed greatly by most students, teachers, and other staff. Also it could be a good learning experience for students. Teachers could use Subway to teach students about managing a business, handling money, and economics. Many teachers leave school to purchase their lunches, so students don't have the option of getting extra help from teachers during their lunch period. Now teachers can stay at school, purchase their lunch at school, and instead of their money going to a fast food business, it will now go the school. Teachers will also save money by purchasing their lunch at school because they would not be wasting gas driving to a restaurant. Many students at Eyer also enjoy Subway. Currently Domino's’ pizza is being sold at Eyer Middle School monthly, and students pay extra to eat this for lunch. Students also pay extra for water bottles, chips, and other snacks. Most students would also pay extra for a Subway hoagie because it has more choices than Eyer’s deli, and is healthier and tastier. Teachers at Eyer Middle School are always looking for new ways to keep Eyer students happy and healthy. Introducing a Subway to Eyer is a great way to accomplish this. By: Reese Kober Prompt #3 Subway would benefit Eyer Middle School in many different positive ways. Subway would benefit the school financially. Bringing in more income. Subway would give Eyer more opportunities for a better education for students. Subway is also a healthy alternative that's fresh and enjoyable. With more options than Eyer's deli. Lastly, Subway is enjoyed by many students and faculty members that would love to have the option of purchasing a healthy Subway sandwich at school. Subway is a great way to make Eyer students and faculty happier, healthier, and wealthier. Installing a fast food restaurant, like Subway, into Eyer Middle School's cafeteria would be a exceptional choice, in many positive ways. One of these is that Eyer would benefit from Subway financially, and who doesn't want more money for Eyer? That money could be used for many different purposes. Another reason Subway is a more suitable choice for Eyer is that it is a healthy alternative for other fast food restaurants, but it is still just as affordable. Eyer is always looking for a way for kids to be healthier, and Subway would endorse this. Lastly, Eyer's students and faculty all enjoy Subway, and would be happy for the addition. Subway is a good and proffered choice for Eyer Middle School. By: Erminio Macchiagodena
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