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What Makes A Manager/Leader

Summer Session 2013 Bus 200

Sarah Branham

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of What Makes A Manager/Leader

Turning A manager into a leader What defines a manager? A team is defined as a group of individuals, all working together for a common purpose. But many aspects on how a team works together must be met for the team to function effectively. Leadership is very important in the team. Leadership is defined as the ability to influence people toward the attainment of organizational goals, while management is the attainment of organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling organizational resources.
Group 5 is a team and we had some leaders in the group rise up for the tasks at hand and see the project through. We would say group 5 did lack some management in the process of working towards our goals. I would have to say lack of leadership was due to us being a virtual team. I feel the lack of face to face communication did slow our process and hurt the amount of managing we had with our team. A little more time and practice with the virtual team and we would be much better prepared for such tasks. With today’s growing technology virtual teams and projects will be something we will all have to work with in today’s business world How the Dynamic Team focused on development and integration ! A manger is responsible for planning, organizing,leading and controlling organizational resources
There are many different types of managers
Project, human resources,international
methods of management scientific or strategic
By definition a manager is a person who is responsible for controlling or administering all or part of a company or similar organization. A manager may also be known by many different names such as director, administrator, superintendent, or principal. Notice that leader is not on this list of synonyms for manager, a manager does more than just lead. A leader only guides people to a specific goal where as manager must delegate, organize, and lead
What is a Leader ? Webster defines a leader as “a person who leads” (Webster). A leader commands or directs their fellow employees to do their job and attain their goals. Leader’s “leadership skills can determine a company’s success” and therefore makes the leader a crucial part of the company or organization (Daft, 11-1).
A leader is only as strong as their leadership skills; there are many different forms of leadership a leader can choose from.
Three main aspects that “effect a leader are people, influence, and goals” (Daft, 11-1). These three aspects show what it means to be a leader: one must have people to lead, they must influence their people, and they must use their leadership skills to attain their goals. When are managers and leaders most valuable ? Management and Leaders play vital roles in todays business world.Managers have an increased flexibility in decisions and operations, from There are different characteristics required of managers and leaders. Managers are expected to reinforce the routine activities within the organization; this requires organizing and rationalizing skills. While leaders are the innovative spirit for future ideas, they “promote vision and change” (Daft, 11-3). These positions are not exchangeable, leaders and managers must work together to run an organization effectively. In fact, leaders would be nothing without managers, “Leadership's power comes from being built on the foundation of a well-managed organization” (Daft, 11-3). Both leaders and managers are necessary in order to run a business smoothly. What makes a manger different from a leader? Things we could have done better , Things we did well Dynamic Team 5 Sarah Branham, Megan Crenshaw,Katie Morin
Kellie Morrissey,Damon Nowling,Mary Spalding Works Cited Slide 5( What is the difference between managers & leaders )
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