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Avening Community Centre March 2013

No description

Karen Cubitt

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Avening Community Centre March 2013

What is the Avening Community Centre? an active present a supported future to serve as a:
community hub
gathering place
social centre
place where community is formed
place where neighbours celebrate and mourn together
recreational centre
meeting space
safe place to play, grow, learn The Avening Community Centre was built in 1951. Initiated by Jack Rainbird, Howard Noble, and Lorne Sutherland, "the Hall" was built over 2 years by countless community members including the Whitley, Norris, Stephens, and Carruthers families - the parents and grandparents of many of today's ACC Board Members. Countless hours of donated labour, expertise, and planning by many community-minded people, meant that the hall was debt-free upon completion. for what purpose? Avening
Blue Mountains
Glen Huron
Hornings Mills
Kitchener a treasured past Number of bookings by year Typical usage:
Beef BBQ
Strawberry Social
Euchre Tournaments
Car Rallies
Square Dances
Bowling League
Bowling Parties
Junior Farmers
Church Functions
Concerts The ACC has been host to
a series of concerts that serve as
an economic driver for the
Township of Clearview The economic impact is in local spending and benefits to Clearview businesses The long term spin offs have seen consistent repeat visits to Clearview, and people choosing to make Clearview their home. Recreational opportunities for youth, families,
and seniors, long time community members, new residents, visitors, and tourists. This is the value...but what are the costs?
How will this community support this asset? 2013 Fundraising Goals
Top Chef Dinner $4,500
Current Savings $10,000
Benefit Concert $3,500
Pledge Drive $11,000
Total $29,000 Long term sustainability
What the ACC Board is planning to do:
Increase marketing initiatives to maximize rentals
Actively pursue a regular recreation programming renter
Continue to provide high quality traditional annual activities
Continue to run 2-4 concerts annually to tourist market
Pursue and support a microfit solar program
Pursue outside funding sources
Explore partnership opportunities with other community groups The maintenance and support of these venues and the nurturing of them as gathering places for the community should be placed in high priority. Beyond the positive economic spinoffs, lay the opportunity to create a place for community gathering and to further enhance citizen engagement.

Hawksley Workman
Juno Award Winning Musician My Husband and I would hate to see Avening Hall close.

Joanne Maziarczyk,
Part Time Avening Resident 11 Years Avening Hall had made us consider the area in the first place and ultimately decide to move to Creemore...

Scott Leblanc,
Creemore resident since 2013 Who is this good for?
Local businesses
Village of Avening
Township of Clearview Consider the following feedback We pledge to do this
so that the ACC
will continue to be: community hub
gathering place
social centre
place where community is formed
place where neighbours celebrate and mourn together
recreational centre
meeting space
safe place to play, grow, learn

+ an economic driver Lisle
North Bay
Wasaga Beach
Waterloo From where are these
events drawing people? standing in the main hall, that beautiful stage and wonderful open space, my mind was rolling with imaginings of past events and ones I could create for myself.... the Avening Community Centre made me feel like there is a place for me in that community - there is potential for my work, artistic practice and family, rooted in that building.

Sara Sniderhan
Local Artist
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