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The Quakers

No description

Nahomi Gonzales

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of The Quakers

The Quakers The Genesis of Quakers 4)Perfectionism Their church Quakers now 3) Apocalypticim 1)Radicalism 2) Restorationism why were they called that? pennsylvania William Penn's goal more Quakers come to America Where did they start? William Penn was actually given this land by the king
he arrived and established Pennsylvania in 1681, it was the
12th colony that was founded. Pennsylvania was also the last colony to be established in the 17th century. William Penn became a Quaker at age 16. His religious beliefs led
him to the descion of him moving to the new world. Around the 1670 more Quakers started migrating to
America , here they established meeting houses. These
house can still be found in some areas in Rhode Island
and in the jersey areas. Quakers were pacifist and did
not believe in war. They also didnt believe in taking
their hats of in presence of someone of higher power
or paying taxes to the english church. Most
of their belief got these Quakers thrown in jail Although he was a Quaker, his main goal
was not to come here and covert every body.
He invsioned Freedom of religion for his
colony. That being that any body
could safely practice their religion or not
practice a religion at all. In the years 1640-1650 there was a group of Quakers
that were called "The Genesis of Quakers" these group of individuals had 5 certain things that they based their
faith and life on. Radicalism had to do with government.These individuals
had just got out of a very strict government that had a lot
of rules and chose the way their life were ought to be
lived. All these rules came from the english church
so they Quakers main goal was to give equality
they did these things by doing little actions such as
calling someone "thee" not "thou" and, not making
some one take of their hats while greeting someone. those are the ancestors of the hutterites, Amish,
Mennonites and, the Anabaptist.
They believed that they could finally restore christianity
to the original state.
The Period of time when they believed in this was
during the Civil War. The king had been beheaded
and they hoped that this was the time that
"God reign will established on earth as it is in Heaven"
This went hand in hand with their FITH belief wich was
PARACEISIONISM They thought that they could make socity perfect
"Turn out spiritual deadness into Vital spirituality"
Quakers are simple people they worshiped in
a small room. The room is simple and just has chairs
theres no stain glass windows or Images of Jesus
just a very plain room. There are approximately 107,000 Quakers in
America this day they have branches of Quakerisms
such as Inner Lights, Friends and general confernce,
Friends United Meetings and, Evangelical Friends Iternational. These are groups and Yearly meetings
Quakers go to all year around. The first meeting recorded
in history was in a town called Sandwhich, Massachussets
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