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AwesomeMath/XYZ Publications

Math Camps, Publications, Competitions, and Community

Kathy Cordeiro

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of AwesomeMath/XYZ Publications

Summer Program Competitions and
Curriculum Community Try these XYZ Publications, they are sure to enlighten and inspire Publications Why Choose XYZ Publication? We offer elegant problems written by experienced Olympiad-level coaches and mathematicians Want to work on concepts that will guide you to higher level mathematical thinking? Meet mathematically gifted students from all over the world Work with renowned International Olympiad Coaches Been accepted to Elite colleges
Won medals at the IMO
Received 1st Place at the Intel Science Fair Participate in our 3 week, intensive summer program and you will: Are you looking for challenging middle school to high school level math problems? The Purple Comet Math Meet Competition has been FUN and FREE since 2003! Math Rocks is a curriculum designed to identify and serve high performing students With contests like Purple Comet Math Meet and curriculum like Math Rocks, we can inspire a new generation of thinkers and problem solvers. Many AwesomeMath Campers have: Math Circles provide a way to work with local talent and create a strong community of math enthusiasts. AwesomeMath Year Round (AMY) provides access to Olympiad training problems for dedicated students Extend the math learned during our summer programs Learn more at awesomemath.org Develop Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills Improve AMC, AIME, USJMO and USAMO Scores Meet Friends and Have Fun! Choose any of 3 locations:

University of Texas at Dallas
Cornell University
University of California, Santa Cruz Last year, 2700 middle school and high school students participated in Purple Comet Global Audience: 43 countries and translated into 15 languages Teams compete from any location during a flexible time frame. Math Rocks provides rich tasks based on classic topics Math Rocks requires thinking far beyond a student's grade level Check out our Math Circle at metroplexmathcircle.org Broaden your mathematical horizons with AwesomeMath Year-Round Our community of students and instructors allow you to investigate ideas in greater depth. Math Rocks has made a significant impact in scores for Plano, TX middle school students
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