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No description

Tara Beardsley

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of WebCamToy.com

This is webcamtoy.com On webcamtoy.com you
can also see other peoples photos that they have shared on other websites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Webcamtoy.com is a website where you can take pictures and add effects to them. These are some of the effects you can use. There are over 70 fun effects
and filters that you can use to make your photos more special. You Can Even Add
Snow As An Effect!!!
:D You can even add
rave lights!!!
:D There's even night vision. Creepy right? Webcamtoy.com is only just one of the millions of websites that are just like this.

Even though it is sad to say, it must be said, they have not made webcamtoy.com in to a App......yet ;)

But they are working on converting this website into an App for ipad, iphone, ipod (maybe even android). But until that time comes....... Just enjoy using the 70
fun effects on the website.....

Like these effects.... Here are some more
examples of the effects
that you can use on your photos. EVEN GLITTER!!! :D You can even add LSD as an effect!! This is what someone who is on LSD would see. OR ...... You can use these effects too......... And yes we're on fire!! And there's ones where you can take 4 different photos in one picture! You can also look like you're under the sea too! You even have you're photos look like they've been sketched. There's even an effect
that changes the colors
of the photo as you're
taking it.
:D . . . .
. . . So that's webcamtoy.com, the amazing website where you can add over 70 fun filled effects to you photos and have fun with your photos. (My lips really arent that big, it just my toung sticking out XD) So sit back, relax and enjoy having fun shareing your photos with friends on other websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
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