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Alfred Wegener

No description

Mikayla Mikayla

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Alfred Wegener

Alfred Wegener
When did they live, family info, younger ages, education, married/children, nationality?
Alfred Lothar Wegener was born November 1st 1880. He was born in Berlin, German Empire. He was the youngest out of five children. His father Richard Wegener, was a theologian and a teacher of classical languages. Alfred he worked in meteorology , geology and astronomy. Sadly on May 21, 1931 Wegener's life came to an end. He had been fifty years of age and a heavy smoker. His death was believed as a cause of a heart failure.
What was happening in the science world at that time?
Why is he so famous?
Alfred is known for his theory of Pangaea. He recovered fossils from all 7 continents of the Glossopteris (fern). Also South America fits straight into Africa. Which lead Wegener to believe that once before, all of the continents were joined into a "super continent" Pangaea. There is plenty of evidence for theory. His discovery in 1912 was remarkable and is still helping us today.
Alfred theories lead him to think, that once these continents were once joined together. If you look at the image you see that once fossil was found on all 7 of the continents.
How are people today using is knowledge?
We use Wegeners knowledge today by studying the earths movements. Today no one may have even thought of what Wegener thought of. If he hadn't known or even discovered , then earth may just be a mystery. How are the same bones on this continent? One day eventually someone may guess that and investigate. But, because of him we have evidence, proof and know a little bit more about the history of where we live.
What was going on at the time? Why were these ideas so progressive?
During this time the Great depression was going on. During this era they really had no space technology. If so maybe not as advanced as today. His discovery was so progressive because they really didn't have technology and no one back then may have never thought of that.
This is the present day continents. Every year the continents move slowly back together at 15 millimeters.
What era did Alfred work in?
Wegener worked in the Great Depression Era, early 1900's. Around 1900-1930's. During this time he would go do expeditions. In his life he has did 4 three expeditions. The all of the expeditions were in Greenland.
His official signature!
Where can you find his art?
Alfred's work can be found in Uummannaq, Greenland. The museum features some of his expeditions. They have real his real actual diary. On each expedition he writes what all went down.
Why is science/art important to us today?
Science is very important today because without it where would we be. We wouldn't know what happened in the past. We wouldn't have technology or anything. We wouldn't know where rain comes from, why is the sky blue. Thanks to science and knowledge we all know these answers.
Why are scientific discoveries so important today?
Scientific discoveries are so important today because you get to know the earth and its history more. You wouldn't think earth has history. It does, just like everything else on earth. Without science we wouldn't even know.
Would you like to be an artist or scientist?
I would like to be a scientist, but mainly a fashion designer. I would because I really actually want to know what happened to earth before modern humans. I think we should investigate more. I think scientist can piece up the past but only 10% of the past is still on the earth. We dont know exactly for sure what happened but we can piece it together.
Fun Fact
Our planet used to be made up of one huge land mass. And it will be again (in a few million years), with Australia heading for Asia and North Africa on a collision course with Europe. -Lain Stewert Sunday 9th 2013.
Then, Now Later!
This is how earth is believed to look, some million years from now.
Youtube Video
CITED: Wikipedia, Various Websites I searched on Google.
Design Cycle
I designed by looking at my options. Also by experimenting with some of the backgrounds. When I learned how to figure it out, I knew what was going to work with this project. I had to search around in google , no specific websites but, Wikipedia. This is how i found my answers.
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