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The effect temperature has on the lift of an aircraft.

How the lift of an aircraft is effected by temperature

Caleb Hunt

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of The effect temperature has on the lift of an aircraft.

By Caleb Hunt The affect of temperature
on aircraft lift How does temperature affect how well an
aircraft lifts? Cold air sinks, while warm air
rises. This is how temperature
affects lift. Cold air sinks because
it is so dense, and has a lot of air
particles. Warm air rises because
it is less dense, and has less air
particles. A wing lifts the aircraft
because it catches the air beneath
it. If it is warm, there is less air
beneath the wing, because it rose
into the atmosphere. This makes
it more difficult for the wings to
lift the aircraft, due to the fact that
there is less air particles. When it is
cold, the air particles do not rise be-
cause of their density. This makes it
easier for the aircraft to lift off of the
Earth. The author’s hypothesis is that an aircraft’s lift (take off) is shorter in colder temperature than it is in warmer temperature. Hypothesis The results of this experiment were successful. The author’s hypothesis matched the results of the experiment. As it turns out, temperature does affect the lift of an aircraft. After testing three different take offs, each one having a different temperature, the author noticed that the lower the temperature, the shorter the take off run was Results
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