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The Revised Lisbon Agreement: Expectations of GI Producers

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Massimo Vittori

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of The Revised Lisbon Agreement: Expectations of GI Producers

Lisbon system cons
Lisbon system pros
The Revised
Lisbon Agreement:
of GIs Producers

Technical assistance (TA) and promotion (P)
TA: African countries, tremendous GI/AO potential

P: Asia & Latin America: recognized GIs /AO and sound legal framework
International Registry for all products

Solid level of protection for Appellations of Origin

Flexibilities (to some extent)

Proved to be useful for GI producers

The Revised Lisbon Agreement should:
i. enhance legal certainty and predictability
Include GIs in its scope of application

Give GI producers effective means to fight "more sophisticated" kind of infringements

Allow GI groups to file international applications, when national law allows

Legal framework for refusals & clarify relation with prior rights
ii. Be open to Intergovernmental Organizations
Limited number of Member States

It covers exclusively Appellations of Origin (AO)

Need to tackle new and "more sophisticated" forms of infringements of GIs and AO

Refusals of protection: must be in line with international trade rules
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