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Creationist Comics and Memes

No description

Glarn Boudin

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Creationist Comics and Memes

Creationist Comics and Memes
This is still smarter than creationism.

“”Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and the universe I am not so sure.
—Albert Einstein
“”It is infuriating to be quoted again and again by creationists — whether through design or stupidity, I do not know — as admitting that the fossil record includes no transitional forms.
—Stephen Jay Gould, "Evolution as Fact and Theory," Discover, May 1981[4]
It’s even MORE amazing if you factor out the notion that it was made by some divine source. But while we’re on this, it’s also really shitty. People are miserable and have been throughout history. We’re often cruel to each other for no real reason, and justify it with whatever bullshit explanations make us feel good at night. Organic organisms like humans are fragile and constantly rotting. And for some fucked-up reason, our food intake and our air intake are the same damn tube. So, if you’re going to posit that all of this was crafted by the most perfect mind, I mean… you’re really not giving god a lot of credit, because this shit’s pretty stupid all around.
-Enter the Jabberwock
A sunset occurs when the side of the earth (which is round, not flat, as you undoubtedly believe) that you are standing on rotates so that it is facing away from the sun as it orbits it (not the other way around, as you undoubtedly think). The colors are mainly caused by light particles changing directions and scattering by being reflected off of molecules and small particles in the atmosphere. So that's a sunset fully explained without your made-up God. Now shut up.
Uh, okay. Why don’t you go BANG a horse.
-Enter the Jabberwock
Beaten and alone, a child dies. But Jesus cares.

He doesn’t care enough to keep the kid from getting beaten to death, I guess. Hell,
stop a kid from getting beaten to death, and I’m just a regular ol’ human.
-Enter the Jabberwock
So, citing the Bible to back itself up, huh? Well, I see your circular argument and raise you a logical question: why the
would it take an all-powerful, all -ahem- ‘loving’ god
400 years
to respond to this? Yahweh’s reasoning for letting them go in the first place is so they can be his people and he can be their god*, so what’s he doing in the meantime?
Ah, Chick? You might not want to get into who does and does not show mercy, pal, seeing as Yahweh has a thing about slaughtering everything from livestock to pregnant women*. Often**. For stupid reasons***.

J: Yeah, it’s hard to argue from the perspective of mercy when your deity burns people for an eternity. Nothing anyone could possibly do within a human lifetime warrants that. It’s
, for fuck’s sake.
I'm half-convinced that PETA is a false flag operation to discredit animal rights, secretly funded by cattle farmers.
Wow. Kid, if you even have a chance of looking like your old man, just
let yourself die
. BTW, if you look like a goblin or… that… moose-thing talking to the slave on the right, have the courtesy not to reproduce. It’s just the right thing to do.
Aww, Chick, you missed my favoritest part of the Bible, you jerk! But don’t worry, I’ll tell you aaaall about it later.

J: Trust me, he won’t listen. Inconvenient parts of the Bible don’t seem to exist for most Christians.
J: Ask a question that implies that you don’t know who a guy is? Sorry, now you have to lose everything you’ve ever had in a torrent of misery inflicted almost indiscriminately on everyone around you! BZZZT, thanks for playing, you lose!
Yahweh: “You thought giant flies were bad? Now I send upon you… giant locusts! Yeah! What ya got now!? Huh? Huh?? Yeah! Locusts! They’re gonna… well, they’re herbivores, but… they’ll eat all your clothes and shit! Then you’ll have to yell at Pharaoh while naked, like I created you! That’ll teach you, you bunch of heathens.”
J: (Further supporting evidence for my assertion that if the Bible is actually real, then the God depicted therein is actually Satan, Lucifer/The Tree of Knowledge is the protagonist, some philosopher named Jesus was co-opted as the “Son of God” in order to keep his message of “just be fucking nice to each other” from spreading around and undermining God’s dictatorship, and that the Bible itself is just a trick to get gullible people to buy into worshiping Satan. Sorry to interrupt…)

It isn’t enough that the Bible has been debunked time and time again by DNA, fossil evidence, the earth rotating the sun, and other such Satan-inspired fallacies, but even
in its own context
it’s untrue to life, contradictory, and… frankly, horrific beyond… beyond………… (dies).

(Resurrects.) Ok. There comes a point where a struggle isn’t about the victory, but the principles involved. I don’t belive in the Christian god because the idea of him is terrifying
–and, this is an athiest speaking–
. The people who would say that manipulating humans like this is not only fair but righteous, for any reason, would be few and far between (and have no friends), but because it’s GOD doing this, and HE says it’s FINE, then it is and we can’t question it because he’s the LOOOOOORD and has the biggest guns.

In conclusion, he’s right because he says so. Now bend over.
Yahweh: “Yes, dance! Dance for me, dance my pretties!”
Pharaoh: “Moses, please, stop this! We’re dying, we can’t take another hit!”

Moses: “Heehee, only if you let my people go.”

Pharaoh: “I’m… trying… I… can’t… say it! Oh gods, my heart hurts…!”

Moses: “So, is that a ‘no’?”

Pharaoh: “But… No, I… I… That’s not fair…!”

Moses: “Too bad, more plagues for you then. Hope you weren’t too attached to your
, bitch.”

Pharaoh: “NOOOOOOO!!!”

Yahweh: “…Me DAMN it, I’m a genius! We have to write this part down, it’s pure gold! But be sure to give me credit, ok? I’M the one making all this suffering happen. Yeah. Write that down. WORSHIP ME!”
Ok, ok, ok, here’s the reason Exodus is my favorite book — it’s because
is the one making Pharaoh so stubborn!* I thought the Christian god was a dick-monkey before reading the Old Testament, but then I get to Exodus, one of their proudest moments, and… watch their god play puppet-master?!

So this whole time, Yahweh/Jealous/Asshole Almighty is literally smiting the Egyptians while giving them no chance to repent or recover, and Moses, being in on the joke, must find it hilarious! And it all escalates to this point, where Moses says his god is going to kill their children, and Moses couldn’t care less!
This is all cute in mythology, but IRL, if some dude with weird hair and a staff made frogs fall from the sky, you’d at least be thinking about what he has to say before he needs to whip out the big guns, right? What gets me the most is that Moses supposedly grew up with these people! Didn’t his foster mother cry to him? Wouldn’t his childhood friends beg for their lives? He believed he was Egyptian for yeeeaaars, and out of nowhere a talking plant tells him to torture and slaughter his too-recent kinsmen because The Omnipotent Dick wants to — get this — “gain glory from this,” and Moses is FINE WITH IT?!

No. Just… no. No. Only if Moses had less emotional capacity than the fucking Terminator.

Except, oh,** wait,*** he didn’t.****
Holy crap! Wait, I thought Chick was against gay marriage?! …Or… is that supposed to be…

DAMN, kid. If your dad looks like that, and your mother looks like… guhh… then being slain by a loving angel might be your best option. Seriously, just die.
J: You know, it’s hard to argue that God “saved” anyone from anything, here, when he was the one doing the killing in the first place. It’s like if I figured out where every kid in the city lived, and I sent out a letter to their parents saying “put a chalk mark on the door or else I’m going to kill your kids”, and I went around killing all the kids whose parents didn’t put up chalk marks, and when I was done, I went to the mayor’s office and demanded a ticker-tape parade for “passing over” the houses of people with chalk on their doors. I mean, shouldn’t I at
or something?
All sin has a price, for some reason, and that price is
. Look at that fuzzy wuzzy… um, thing! Isn’t your first thought to slaughter it and appease the angry invisible god hovering over your shoulder and judging your every move? What? ‘No’? What is
with you?!
If the creations of the Ultimate Super-God didn’t recognize him for being the Ultimate Super-God v.2.0, that’s what we in the business call a ‘design flaw’. Either his methods were so obscure that he was unrecognizable, or his creations were too stupid to notice he was flying around and healing the sick, lame, and… Republican.* Either way, the fault lies with Yahweh.

J: Of course. I mean, this entire thing is a lesson in obscure confusion, from the story itself to what people are supposed to do with it. That anyone is expected to guess the right answer about any of this indicates either an insanely cruel and rigid monster of a God, or that his believers and the texts he supposedly “inspired” have fucked something up royally. It gets even worse when even the creatures who DID know him didn’t turn coat and follow him.
J: Yeah, this is pretty much a “do whatever you want” card, right here. “If anyone hates ANY of the things you do in my name, it’s THEIR fault! They’re just
Hundreds of millions
read books
other than the Bible
have masturbated
within ten miles of a church
saved fifteen percent or more on their car insurance!
So I guess those of us who
don’t believe in or worship any kind of overblown, mythological fairytale
aren’t really the target audience for this one.
Whether God exists or not, he’s still “
“. Either he’s an omnipotent being of some sort (which is “a thing”) or some other variety of entity (which is “a thing”) or he’s a concept (which is still — you guessed it — “a thing”). I mean, it’s sort of hard to get away from interacting with
, regardless of what it is you’re doing.
Wow, it really pisses this woman off that there are people in the world different from her in any way. “What? You put BUTTER in your Cream of Wheat?

in the civilized world has antiquated, arbitrary sets of beliefs that they manifest through adoration of something not proven to have any kind of helpful effect in the observable world. And they’re
not in
any way
easily led by objects they unquestionably worship that they made themselves.
So… eight people — a family, all related — all fucked one another, and then their kids fucked each other, and then their kids’ kids fucked each other, and so on, and so on, and somehow this was all okay, this big, incestuous, multi-generational humpfest. Brothers and sisters, cousins, possibly aunts and nephews, uncles and nieces, parents and children (look at Adam and Eve) all fucking each other, and it was perfectly fine. In fact, it was demanded by God. Fundies just gloss over shit like this without question, but the second a loving, committed relationship between two people who both have penises or both have vaginas is mentioned, the pissing and moaning begins.
Dinosaurs were really

! They survived the Great Flood by riding on Noah’s Ark, only to be hunted into extinction by Appalachian yokels. Only Jesus can save you from
! Who are you going to trust: God or worshipers of devil-strewn fossils?
Ah, so it wasn’t meteors that killed the dinosaurs, it was shark-faced, spear-toting frontiersmen. Why, that makes SO much more sense than, oh, say,
fossil evidence

How does he
those tracks aren’t
Yeah, uh, how many dinosaur fossils are there that show ANY indication AT ALL of contact with man-made instruments? Like, apparently, as depicted here, a bone-saw. I mean, even if they’re carting off just the meat, you’d think
one would’ve made marks of
sort on the bones. Or that as tribal societies — which they basically actually were at that point — they’d have made jewelry or tools or other things from bones.

Also great is that they’re just carelessly and obliviously slaughtering this entire species. Considering they’re dressed like 19th-century Americans, one would think they might have advanced enough to have maybe a little more foresight about things like killing off one of their primary food sources instead of, say, trying to domesticate them for herding purposes or something. Given their stone houses, they don’t appear to be nomadic, so I don’t see why they couldn’t do a little dino-farming. Considering the dinosaurs apparently think they’re “hidden” just because their eyeballs are seeing clouds surrounding them, they don’t seem like they’ll be that hard to corral and maintain.
So why aren’t there, to use examples from this panel, any fossils from zebras, emus, lions, and some bird I can’t identify, in the same locations or geological strata as the fossils of dinosaurs?
Meanwhile, the “evidence” in the Bible which supposedly depicts the creation of dinosaurs is in Genesis 1:21, where God created the “great sea monsters”. (KJV, by the way, translates it as “great whales”.) Apparently, there were no land dinosaurs created at this time. Either that, or whoever wrote the Bible made a bit of a fuck-up (because, as we all know, the Bible was
written, translated and interpreted by man
, regardless of whether it was divinely inspired), and they meant “great monsters, some of which lived in the sea”, or something along those lines. I mean, either the biblical description is incomplete or inaccurate, or it just doesn’t talk about dinosaurs at all. In other words, if the depiction in the Bible is that of dinosaurs, it does it in a great big vague fuck-up of a way that calls into question every other depiction in the Bible. How can they claim that “sea monsters” means “enormous lizards, many of which walked around on land”, but that at the same time they’re taking the Bible literally? (I’ll get to the “but it really translates into “dragons” thing in just a minute.)

Further, HOW IN THE FUCK DID THEY NOT JUST ALL EAT EACH OTHER? Yeah, T-rex in a big garden with a bunch of meat scampering around. You don’t have to be omnipotent to recognize
a horrible idea. I’m surprised half the species even managed to pump out a single subsequent generation, considering how many animals were natural predators of many of the others.
And then a biped snake dragon twice as tall as they were that had a radioactive skull sneaked up on Eve, and she totally didn’t just, like, shit herself and run away in terror. That’s not a fuckin’ snake. What’s Jack trying to do, here? By “serpent”, the Bible meant “dinosaur”? Is every kind of lizard or amphibian ever now considered a “dinosaur” to fundamentalists? Is this what they have to resort to in defense of their lunatic, anti-science, totally-lacking-in-evidence perspective on the history of Earth?
By the way, there’s
about “Eve’s weakness” in the actual Bible. It was all just the snake telling her “no, seriously, you can eat from the tree, and you won’t die today, and you’ll be smarter”. Nothing about Eve’s aspirations or anything like that. I have no clue why Chick keeps trying to make Eve seem like some kind of horrible, wicked, ambitious bitch. Maybe he just doesn’t like women, for some reason.
Coming from people who believe in a god that nearly ordered a man to kill his own baby son, there’s not a lot of ground for criticism, here.
Now, remember when I pointed out the “dino-burgers”? Why wouldn’t they have called them “dragon burgers”? Unless, of course, Jack is suggesting that that actually was 1800s America, after 1841, when “they were renamed ‘dinosaurs’.” Which, erm, I’m sorry, but: WHAT. Sure, the term “dinosaur” (from Greek, “dinos” + “saurus”, meaning “terrible lizard”) was coined in 1841, but
that doesn’t mean it “replaced” the word “dragon”
. That’s… just retarded, really.

Funny how dinosaurs don’t really resemble the dragons you see depicted on the covers of fantasy novels and elsewhere, or dragons from various cultures all around the world. (Maybe that’s why we
have a different word for them.
) For instance, Chinese New Year dragon — have we ever found any fossils for anything that even remotely resembles that fuckin’ weird-assed thing?
Okay, anyone who thinks the fabled Ark was only
that fucking big
has already lost their argument. If you look at the door on the last page, and then look at the door here, you can get a rough approximation of its size. It’s maybe three times as tall as the dinosaurs, here, at best. This thing had to hold
every multicellular organism on the planet
, with enough food for all of them. Including the carnivores. For forty days. (I assume they’d have needed food, because if God could just freeze their metabolic processes and instincts, why couldn’t he have just put them into total suspension, flooded the place, and then taken them out of suspension when the waters cleared? They also would’ve all had to have been organized in a ridiculously precise way, so as to prevent them all eating each other.) I’m not entirely sure there’d even have been enough lumber in whatever given area Noah was in for him to build such a thing. Not only that, it’d be like a single person constructing a boat the size of, say, and I’m just guessing here — and still probably underestimating — Rhode Island. How many thousand years would that have taken? This all raises other questions as well, like: Where did Noah stow the tapeworms? With regard to “two by two”, what did he do about animals that can switch gender, or reproduce asexually?
Man, God must’ve really wanted to torture the dinosaurs. “Hey, I know — I’ll take them from an environment where they thrive, and ensure that they survive long enough to be taken into an environment that would be totally hostile to them so that they could be tracked down and slaughtered!” What a total dick.
Uh, by the way: Most of the Earth’s oxygen, in the range of about 90%, is generated by phytoplankton, which live in water and would likely have survived a flood.
#1: God’s a vindictive dickhead. Instead of, say, making a public appearance, or demonstrating himself in any tangible way to get people to believe in him, he plays a game of omnipotent hide ‘n seek, except for with one guy who he tells to do something so baffling to everyone else that they think he’s insane and refuse to take anything else he says to them seriously, and then he (God) wipes them all out. Even though a) there was no Bible then, so they didn’t even have a
at what they were supposed to do, and b) there was no incentive for them to be good anyway, since they’d still have been punished

#2: Defecation.

See for yourself ———-> Nothing! (I love reading these online, because they’re always formatted vertically, and it pisses all over his layout.)
Holy living ouch — he sent Jesus fully-grown, beard and all? Wow, Mary really
something special, having to squeeze
out. Now I can see why the Catholics adore her so much. That must’ve been about ten times worse than the crucifixion.
Yeah, this is what people are pissed off about. This is why non-Christians get pissed off at fundamentalists. It’s all because Jesus said something “horrendous” — that he was the only way into heaven. Certainly, there’s
just plain doesn’t give a shit but doesn’t want to be swept up, dominated and oppressed by all these assholes who think their particular interpretation of the Bible needs to apply to everyone.
Why, that’s completely inconceivable!
“Noah’s family were the only ones in the whole world that believed in God. In other words,
each and every one of you is the product of some rather severe incest.

Notice how massive plant die-off only affected dinosaurs/dragons while other species carried on as before. Did they *gasp*
to adapt to the changed environment?
This one almost seems like self-parody. There’s no way anyone can believe this kind of shit with a straight face, and anyone who does should be locked up in a place where they can no longer hurt themselves or others.
So, basically, everyone should ignore the message of Jesus, which was essentially “help those in need and do good works for others”, and instead simply believe in him. That’s
Christianity. “It’s easy! We don’t have to do anything but
!” What the cock is that shit? Seriously, I don’t get this. What was the point of Jesus even talking to anyone? If all that mattered was his death, why didn’t God just arrange to have him killed shortly after he exited the womb?
Which, I mean, if you
actually read it
, seems to be saying: People who do the good works I’ve described will be allowed into heaven, whereas people who only
to have done such good works won’t be.

I don’t see anything in there at all about the act of doing good things being meaningless. That is, unless you set up such a context yourself and only include lines 22 and 23. Which, erm… isn’t that what we’re seeing here? SHITS, YOU MEAN IF YOU TAKE SOMETHING IN THE BIBLE OUT OF CONTEXT AND PLACE IT INTO A DIFFERENT CONTEXT, IT CAN MEAN SOMETHING ENTIRELY DIFFERENT? And, in fact, given line 21, it seems to imply almost the
of what Jack is trying to say, here. That is, not everyone who professes Jesus’ name will be allowed into heaven, but only those who do good works. So, uh, Q.E.D., muthafucka.
Seriously, though, the guy sitting next to them killed someone. Murdered them in a drunken brawl. Actively destroyed another person’s life. And he goes to heaven simply because he decided to hold in his head the thought that he believed in Jesus? And people who spent fifty years in Africa building hospitals and helping eliminate the misery of thousands of people are tortured for an eternity because they didn’t hold that one particular thought in their heads? I don’t… I just… this… God would have to be
. Seriously. There is no way an omnipotent being could demonstrate logic and reasoning capabilities that are easily surpassed by those of Corky from Life Goes On. I mean, come on.

I think that this, at least in part, is simply a way of reconciling the conservative attitudes toward the economy with the ability of one to consider themselves “Christian”. While Jesus
said that people should be responsible for others in need, if you only take certain passages out of context, it makes it sound like only belief matters, and not good works. See, it’s an extremely easy way to convince yourself that you’re assured an eternity of pleasures, and you don’t have to do anything. What’s more, you can bring yourself to believe that nobody should ever pay taxes or help the poor, because
good works don’t matter.
“I did
the work necessary. By which I mean: First, I created a planet with incredibly stupid, ignorant, and naive, but naturally curious creatures, and lied to them about what the fruit from a particular tree would do to them. When they disobeyed my instructions after being misled by a creature I allowed to exist and allowed to have contact with them (which is really an event that I set up to happen, since if I created time, I created all the events within time, and, thus, nothing happens that I didn’t set in motion) who was actually, oddly enough, telling them the truth about the effects of the fruit, I decided to punish not only them but their entire kind for the rest of time.

“See, I created, for whatever reason, two forms of existence for them: Corporeal and incorporeal. I made the corporeal particularly miserable, painful, and extremely challenging to deal with, and then I made it so that by default their incorporeal existence is an eternity of torture. There was no way for them to escape this, so I let them needlessly slaughter animals for a long time because they thought it might do them some good and, well, fuck, I’m just God, it’s not like I can undo what I’d done and go easier on them with an afterlife, or even just tell them the animal sacrifice was meaningless.

“Then, for whatever reason, I decided that the only way to cure them of this condition would be to have a version of myself manifest itself in corporeal form, and then let them kill it, and then tell them to hold a particular thought in their head that said ‘I believe in that guy we all killed’. It was the ONLY WAY. Of course, people had to know to do this to avoid the eternal punishment I created as their default afterlife, so I inspired a bunch of people to write a vague, self-contradicting story about all of it (these were different guys than the ones I’d inspired to write the first part, which is good because the new stuff conflicts quite a bit with the older stuff) and then let a bunch of people twist and interpret the text in a variety of ways.

“You see?
*gasp* *snort* *fart* *splutter* *wheeze* *fap* *spurt*”
Family Values: An abstract concept that is often made reference to by fundamentalist fuckmuppets as a way to condemn working mothers, gay people, single parents, sex education, and anything else that wasn't on Leave It to Beaver.
"The requirement for young ladies to cover their hair in a biblical fashion was lifted in the early nineties when they realized that church hats actually look really pimpin' and hence are evil."
"Oh yes, much like the Chick Tracts warned us, D&D was my enticing entry point to a world of decadent sin and NEEEEEEEERDery...Which might make it more ironic that the first group to get me into the tumbling die was a group of Evangelical kids. Sure, they may have tweaked the rules so that magic was actually just psionics (because apparently an omniscient ruler of the Universe with a hate-on for anything even hinting of the dark vile forces of magick is also apparently easily fooled by a simple search and replace… no no see, my fictional character is setting things on fire with their brain, not random fictional magical powers, so we’re all good)"
It basically amounts to "a few parents might take their kids to R-rated movies and I know better than them (and everyone else)".
Everybody but born again Christians are damned to eternal torture, regardless of whether they were actually decent people or not. Join Jack's denomination, or God hates you. Gotcha.
It's frequently pointed out by riffers that despite His supposed omnipotence, Chick's interpretation of God actually appears to be bound by His own rules. God frequently mentions how much He hates having to send people to Hell, but nevertheless seems unable to make the qualifications for getting into Heaven more lenient.
I say we feed him to alligators-living fossils...
Maybe execute him by beating him to death with fossils
Given that I'm a dino fanatic, I am on the verge of having a heart attack from sheer rage over this statement.
Note to self: find Ken Ham and blast this out of the water before sending him to a mental hospital by describing all the bacteria and parasites in his body that he needs to survive.
I wouldn't be surprised by the factory, but that's mainly because people will pay a lot for replica dinosaur fossils. In fact, those are the ones on display in museums: the real fossils are far too heavy and valuable to display, and are instead kept in vaults where scientists can study them at any time, instead of having to dismantle the entire display.
1) Complete skeletons have, in fact, been found: the chances of one actually fossilizing are just very, very low: the skeleton could be pulled apart by scavengers, natural forces could have separated the bones, etc.
2 )Complete amateurs have seen and dug up fossil skulls: Mary Anning springs to mind, as well as the teenage intern who accidentally discovered a fossil T-rex while looking for a bathroom.
3) No, it is not: paleontology is built on the evidence that we dig up.
4) Again, the bones are too valuable to be shown to the public, much less passed around where they could be damaged. But seriously, only through cartoons? Ever read a dinosaur book, or been to a natural history museum?
5) People with no interest whatsoever have found dinosaur bones:

and Sue, the largest T-rex fossil ever found, were all found by non-professionals.

You are clearly an idiot with no understanding of how science works: i.e. a typical creationist.
Dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago-almost 3 times older than this fossil you've described. So it was clearly a hoax, but that does not mean that all of them were.
Besides, publishing a scientific paper on a new species of any animal, including a dinosaur, costs about $200 per page you write: it's not profitable. Plus, scientists don't profit from dinosaur merchandise: the people who run the companies that produce them do, especially seeing that dinosaur species don't have copyrights on them.
And I can prove that they are real: carbon-14 dating and radiometric dating will both date the fossils at older than 65 million years: far before the first human ancestor evolved 2 million years ago.
A human skeleton, for instance, would fall apart if there were no tendons, ligaments, etc. to hold 'em together: most of the bones, like the ones in your hands, seem to float in midair when you look at a drawing of one. The same goes with dinosaurs: to display them, wires and plaster are needed to hold them together. And dinosaur bones are almost never in good condition: many species are only known from damaged portions of skeletons: finding a complete specimen is like winning the lottery.
Sure, just like you have a 'real' understanding of how science works. And even if mokele-mbembe exists,and that's a
if, one species of dinosaur surviving for all this time would not damage the theory of evolution. If anything, it would show that sauropods had evolved such a successful body plan that they survived the K-T extinction.
That depends on the dinosaur: if it was an Allosaurus or a Stegosaurus, then yes, it was around that age.
To find the age of dinosaurs, there are two methods: carbon dating and radiometric dating. Carbon dating, despite creationists claims otherwise, is not that inaccurate-being a century or a millennium wrong does not make a difference when the things you are dating are tens of millions of years old.
I don't know much about radiometric dating, so go look it up.
No, they were, in fact, dinosaurs-they were not missing links, but they were on the trail from dinosaurs to birds.
To prove the sun's existance, you just need to look at magnetic fields, global temperatures, or you know,
! For your imaginary space pixie, you have one flawed, contradictory book written when you were considered elderly if you were in your 30's.
First of all, look who's talking: the guy who believes in talking snakes and ribs transforming into women. Second, no one has ever said that Darwin's theory was perfect: it does have flaws. However, those flaws only exist due to things that Darwin would have had no way of seeing in his time. Those flaws have since been corrected by modern scientists. And third, it has in fact been proven by studying microorganisms and fruit flies.
Homophobes can suck it!
Well put, sir. Well put.
First of all, there have been North American dinosaurs-even a few in your home state. Hell, freaking T-rex was found in Montana! Oh, you think that only New Jersey counts? Dryptosaurus and Hadrosaurus. Some of the earliest dinosaurs ever found, both native to the Garden State.
Second, dinosaur fossils have been found in deserts, riverbeds, cliffs, forests, coal mines, even in rocks buried under Antarctic ice!
Third, it's paleontologists, not archaeologists. And complete skeletons have been found: Centrosaurus from Canada, Giraffatitan from Tanzania, countless feathered dinosaurs from China: the list goes on and on. The reason why complete skeletons are rarely found is because the chances of something fossilizing are extremely low: you must have died near a riverbed, been covered in sediment before you have entirely rotted away, and you need to stay buried for thousands of years for the sediment to form into stone.
Fourth, you had a redundancy fit there, as well as an inaccuracy: no dinosaurs lived 340 million years ago. Animals had just evolved eggs that could be laid on land! Dinosaurs evolved about 110 million years later, around 231 million years ago, going extinct 65 million years ago.
Fifth, no one ever said that dinosaurs
animals! They were strange animals, yes, but still animals. We even have their descendants flying around: birds. Read a book before you rant.
No, we don't. Even if that did happen, it would only prove that those particular species were particularly well-suited for their environment.
The moon
orbit earth, idiot. We know that the earth revolves around the sun because of mathematical equations, as well as the fact that we
, in fact, gone "above the solar system."
Satellites, space stations, even astronauts have all seen the earth's orbit around the sun.

What the hell is wrong with you, blue guy?!
This meme sums you up perfectly: http://www.atheistmemebase.com/2014/10/20/all-made-just-for-me/
You,sir, are retarded. Your every word screams, "I need to be stabbed multiple times in the balls!"
Yeah, because we totally intellectually molest kids and fill their heads with false information-oh, wait, that's you idiots!
First, it's pretty clear that some dinosaurs were predators just by their teeth; how many great whites have you seen eating plants? Next is the theropod body plan: sleek and agile, armed with deadly claws. Tell me, have you ever seen a moving, armor-covered bananna?
Second, scientists don't say they were vicious-you watch too many movies, Ham. Of course we say that some were dangerous-they were! You don't see us telling kids to go and give crocodiles belly rubs-the equivalent of what you are doing.
No, you are the only person stupid enough.
Evolution is not a lie; it's been proven many times, often by genetics. Speaking of genetics, that's been proven for centuries by selective breeding. You honestly think there were greyhounds and Texas longhorn cattle in the Garden of Eden? Dinosaurs have also been proven extensively with hundreds of tons of fossil evidence.
I think that Satan has better things to do than make thousands of completely anatomically sound animals, than plant them in the middle of nowhere, where there's a good chance that most of them will be destroyed by erosion, earthquakes, etc.
Leviathan was probably based on exaggerated stories of whales. Next, pterosaurs are not dinosaurs-learn a bit about things before you rant about them.
If evolution were a religion, you would be seeing temples dedicated to Deinonychus. Evolution is provable science, NOT religion.
Oh, so you want to teach about your talking snake and resurrecting dead guy, but we can't talk about
how all life on earth came to be the way it is now
So? Just because one dinosaur died in a flood automatically proves that the Bible is correct?
Dinosaur fossils have been found in a position suggesting that the animal drowned, but thousands more have been found to have died from being buried alive by sand in a sandstorm; suffocated from toxic gases or smothered in ash released by a volcanic eruption; infection brought on by deadly bacteria, and more.
Plus, localized floods
happen. Ever heard of flash floods? They happened 70 million years ago as well.
Then the Scripture is wrong. It's that simple.
But anyways, dinosaur fossils
, in fact, been found alongside mammals, reptiles, insects, etc. Several fossils even have the remains of their last meals in their stomachs! Pterosaurs and giant sea reptiles are another two groups of animals that coexisted with dinosaurs. They're fairly well-known, actually. Look them up sometime.
You can't fake carbon or radiometric dating, dumbass.
We don't even need dinosaur clones to prove their existence: we've already got two! The hoatzin is a bird from South America that possesses clawed hands on its wings, and the Cassowary is a New Guinea bird with large claws on their feet almost exactly like those of carnivorous dinosaurs.
Those clones are almost here, too: scientists have found the genes in chicken DNA that control the growth of teeth and a tail, and are trying to 'reverse-engineer' these birds into full-fledged dinosaurs!
Question 1.: Wrong-the earth is actually about 3.5 billion years old.
Question 2: Wrong-dinosaurs lived from about 231 to 65 million years ago.
Question 3: Wrong-the very existence of God is highly unlikely, and given that Earth is billions of years old while dinosaurs are only a few hundred million years old, they were definitely not created on the 6th day of the planet's existence.
Question 4: Trick question-while non-avian dinosaurs (think T-Rex, triceratops, and so on) went extinct about 60 million years before the first human ancestor even evolved, but birds-the living descendants of dinosaurs-certainly do. Massive extinct birds, such as the predatory Phorusrhacos and the gentle elephant bird, also lived at the same time as humans before being wiped out.
Question 5: Wrong-dinosaurs had both carnivorous and herbivorous species among them, and humans need meat as a staple of their diet.
Question 6: Trick Question-all of these animals could fit the description of Behemoth: The part about Behemoth's tail is literally the only feature that is mentioned about the Behemoth, and could be translated as 'penis' instead of 'tail', the cedar metaphor meant as a metaphor to emphasize the animal's virility.
Question 7: Wrong-if you look at a picture of a shark or a tiger, you will see that they, as well as any meat-eater, has sharp teeth. These teeth are the best design for tearing flesh, and are definitely not very good at shredding plants!
Final Score: 0. Sorry kid, but don't take the Bible too seriously. It's an incredibly old book, and does not have any scientific value. Next time, try reading a book about nature, dinosaurs, animals-any of these subjects will help you out on this quiz.
You people are a stain on the face of cryptozoology.
And you are too stupid to have been made by an intelligent creator.
All insults aside, time and chance have produced many, many amazing things: the Grand Canyon, Angel Falls, birds of paradise, and millions more. Dinosaurs have an evolutionary record: it's no mystery how they evolved.

Ah, you're the same guy as before? All right, here we go again...
Again, you need to work on that redundancy, as well as dating-dinosaurs had long gone extinct by 34 million years.
We don't want you to believe: we have all the proof-mathematical formulas and computer models prove it. To say that dinosaurs did not exist is like saying that sharks do not exist.
Yes, they did exist. We have dinosaur bones, footprints-even droppings! We have even found bits of pigment in some of the feathers!
If they just wanted to travel, than why go to such crappy places? Antarctica, war-torn North Africa, the middle of the Gobi Desert: who in their right mind would ever want to go there? And what about what they bring back? Do they magically create them?
If birds did not evolve from dinosaurs, than what did they evolve from? What exactly dominated the earth, taking up every available ecological niche on dry land for over 200 million years?
Nobody really declared archeology-the study of ancient
, not animals-or paleontology a profession. Scientists just started researching prehistoric animals and started finding huge amounts of information.
Of course climatologists are wrong sometimes: they use rough estimates of certain areas of a particularly unpredictable force of nature. And it has been cold in June before-deep freezes, freak storms, etc. can all lower temperatures. I am not the most knowledgeable on the subject of weather, though: I am not the guy to ask.
All in all, you have not provided any "proof" of the dinosaurs not existing whatsoever. Deliver what you promise, dude.

First, sentience is
the pinnacle of evolution. Just look at sharks: their body plan has stayed the same for hundreds of millions of years because they are perfectly suited for their habitat. That is what evolution is all about: not becoming sapient, but becoming better adapted to your environment.

Second, humans are definitely not superior to other species: we have no claws, no fangs, no fur, no tail, no wings, no armor; we have poor senses of sight and hearing; we can't climb, swim, or even run very effectively; we can't survive in very cold or very warm areas without clothing; and the things that allegedly make us human are not unique to us. Using tools? Chimpanzees, monkeys, baboons, elephants, sea otters, parrots, octopuses, orangutans, dolphins, crows, ravens, even jellyfish and crocodiles have all been observed utilizing tools. A complex social structure? Bees, wasps, wolves, dolphins, elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees, monkeys, termites, ants, naked mole rats and whales all display complicated social structures. Morals? Elephants mourn their dead, assist injured members of the herd, and even have been seen to show empathy towards other species; vampire bats share their food with other bats, favoring those who shared with them before; rats show empathy for their own kind-when presented with two containers, one with chocolate and the other with a trapped and seemingly suffering rat, the rats would always choose to help their fellows first; hippos will rescue baby animals from river rapids or hungry crocodiles; killer whales dote on their mothers; and thousands more examples. The only difference between us and animals is that we can change our environment due to our getting a lucky hand from the genetic lottery in the form of a large enough brain and opposable thumbs.

And third, there are thousands of transitional fossils: Australopithecus, Ambulocetus, Pakicetus, Homo erectus, Archaeopteryx, Tiktaalik, Anchiornis, Acanthostega, Icthyostega, and Hyracotherium are just a few of the examples I could give you.

Next time, try using arguments that cannot be thoroughly debunked with a few seconds of searching the web.
A "half-formed" wing still has hands, as observed in pterosaurs, hoatzins, and early prehistoric birds: it would not result in the loss of forelegs. And it is still useful: flying fish, colugos, flying squid, sugar gliders, flying squirrels, Draco lizards, flying snakes, and flying frogs all use "half-formed wings" to glide about, as did the extinct animal Coelurosauravus and the Kuehneosauridae family group; penguins and cormorants use theirs to swim; insects use theirs to skim across the water; chickens, turkeys, etc. use their wings to create traction to climb up steeper slopes; and flightless birds like ostriches use their wings to display to mates and make themselves look larger to predators.
Let me guess: you said that Archeopteryx could not have existed because it says that God made everything?
Anyway, evolution does
teach that there is no God: you creationists automatically say that about anything new. Second, it says nothing about how everything came to be: it just explains how lifeforms adapt to their environments. Plus, don't you believe the same thing-God pops into existence floating around in nothingness, snaps his fingers, and BAM, universe?
Next, there is no such thing as a 'reputable' creation scientist, mainly seeing as there is no such field as "creation science", nor has there ever been. All the so-called 'experts' in that topic got their diplomas from degree mills-in short, they never even went to college.
I won't bother with the Bible shit, because I honestly don't see why you think that God and evolution don't go together. If God is as powerful as you say he is, wouldn't he be able to evolve species into new ones?
That's a husky in the pictures you show, not a wolf. Do you even know how to read captions for pictures?
Second, that's not a wolf skull. It
belong to a wolf-like animal, however, so it's easy to mistake it for one, especially for people who, instead of going to college and earning a degree, just bought one online.
First, of course it never mentioned dinosaurs: the fossils had not been found out for what they really were yet!
Second, the bones are not actual bones as we know them: fossils form when an animal's body is buried under sediments and left undisturbed for millions of years. Over the millennia, minerals seep through the sediment-now rock after being subjected to thousands of years of intense pressure-and into the bones, preserving them as exact replicas of the original bones. Nobody ever said that dinosaurs had skeletons made up of rock-that's idiotic.
Second, Earth is about 3 and a half billion years old, not 6,000. I'm sorry, but the Bible stopped being scientifically accurate when the Greeks realized that the earth was round.
Dinosaurs are not one of "Satan's tricks", and it's frankly quite insulting that you deprive your kids from learning about them. See, kids love dinosaurs because of a few things: One, they're extinct-this makes them seem more safe to young children. Two, they look nothing like modern-day animals, piquing a kid's curiosity even more. And three, they're massive-kids love to imagine themselves as being bigger, as something else, and dinosaurs are a perfect choice: they evoke images of dragons, but have a firm ground in reality. To deprive them of these wonders of nature is actually really, really mean.
The school teaches "Satan's lies" as truth because they
true: you just can't get over the possibility that your bigoted anti-science hate speech may be wrong.
Just let your kids grow and learn. Let
decide their fate instead of trying to micromanage their very thoughts, because those kids may not grow up to be anything if you teach them creationism. Let them learn about the world on their own and encourage it, and I guarantee that when they grow up, you will be proud of your children.
He did leave a legacy: he provided the greatest idea in science since creating fire! Saying that evolution provided the basis for racism is just wrong: racism has been around, and even
by, the Bible!
Dude, you're completely unintelligible. Can you please rephrase that?
Dude, all this find does is just provide even more proof against you!
Soft tissues have not been found in that fossils bed: preserved
, yes, but
the actual tissue.
Yes, heaven forbid that young adults actually learn about how the world works!
OK, you clearly know absolutely nothing about evolution: fish did not just crawl out of the water and just "decide to be a human," for one! Try again when you actually learn how evolution works.
First, you're just one person, Ms. Stuckubitch (I don't care if that's not your name, it's what I'm going to call you).
Where do we go, then, assclown? Where do several million people, many of them born in America, go when they are forced out of their own country for their personal beliefs? Answer me that.
Third, who are you to interpret the Constitution? To quote your fellow idiot, "Were you there?" Even
Thomas freaking Jefferson
was an atheist!
Fourth, if anything, we've improved this country! Without prayer in schools, kids can focus more on actual proven facts, rather than some magical sky pixie.
What evil: believing in evolution? Not having a problem with homosexuality?
Then how are we responsible for crime? For once in your life, use your head. If atheists never committed crimes, than we clearly cannot be responsible for crime. I am not saying that no atheist has ever committed a crime: I'm saying that we are the same as you-we just believe in one fewer god than you.

That's proof of plate tectonics, not mountains.
If evolution was a religion, you would see people worshipping Tiktaalik Jesus.
1. We evolved from a common ancestor that we share with apes.
2. It's
been horrific-that's just nature. 50-foot alligators, 10-foot tall raptors, invisible lethal jellyfish: how was this planet made for us again?
3. We try to reintegrate ourselves with the environment and learn to coexist with the ecosystem.
That's all of your questions answered with two cases of natural selection and one of philosophy. Now shut up.

Microbiology only strengthens evolution by providing examples of it.
So what? Archaeopteryx was still a dinobird and proof that birds evolved from animals similar to it.
Proto-birds initially evolved wings for use in gaining traction up steep slopes and courtship displays, not from trying to fly. Learn how evolution actually works before you start bad-mouthing it.
No, they did not-the tail thing was because scientists had not studied dinosaur bones enough to properly study the muscular structure. The swarming idea was only really introduced in Jurassic Park in the late 90's: about a century after dinosaurs were discovered. Since dinosaurs were reptiles, scientists compared them to modern-day reptiles, as they were thought to be the dinosaurs' closest living relatives. Since crocodiles, lizards, etc. are cold-blooded, the data at the time suggested that dinosaurs were as well.
Swarms also don't support "weight": you're thinking of the old theory of sauropods living in water to support their weight.

They're only controversial because idiots like you keep saying so.
There are hundreds of transitional fossils: Hyracotherium, Rodhocetus, Anchiornis, Guanlong, Dilong, Lythronax, Ardipithecus: the list goes on and on!
Even thought Archaeoraptor was a hoax, the two fossils that were glued together to create it still have scientific value.
There are not very many missing links because fossilization is an extremely rare process, akin to winning the lottery.
Well put, Mr. Tyson. These idiots don't understand a thing about what Cosmos is trying to teach-they just watch it so they can start arguing over how it's wrong. Yeah, they're that dumb.
That is the exact reason why there are so few jellyfish fossils. Soft-bodied organisms are notoriously rare in the fossils record.
A quote is a quote, no matter who said it.
No, they were not full of chlorophyll. I highly doubt why any animal would evolve photosynthetic teeth.
How many sharks have you seen eating fruit, dumbass?

So you want us to change reality to suit your tastes? Yeah, no.
Dinosaur means "terrible lizard", not 'Giant Lizzard'. Read a book.
If dinosaurs were just big reptiles, than why are they completely different from anything else in Earth's history? How many tiny T-rexes do you see running amock?
According to your creationism, all animals that are around today lived alongside dinosaurs. That includes animals that eat lizards, idiot.
No reptile can live to 1,000 years. Tortoises can live for a few centuries, but that's about it.
All of the 'archeological evidence' was either faked by creationists or mistaken identity.
So what? If there are small sauropods in Africa, than they must have evolved to become better suited for the smaller food supplies.
We don't care if facts go against your outdated, bigoted, anti-science hate speech. The Bible must be wrong. End of story. Now shut up.

Oil. Ever heard of it? The resource that you think will never run out because God will just make more?
Fossils are formed when an animal's skeletal remains are buried in sediments. Over the centuries, minerals seeping into the bones causes them to calcify-replacing the bone with an exact replica made out of stone. Most of the fossils that have ever formed were brought very deep underground, where the intense pressure liquified them.
Yes, we are smart enough-to get over creationism. Science is a free agent. It just wants to teach the world. You reject it by following your so-called 'truth'.
The Bible is outdated hate speech. It. Is. Wrong. End of story. Go home.

He thinks these things
It's so accepted because it's fact! God has no place in science
because he does not fucking exist!

T-rex's tail was stiff and stuck out straight-not the best for supporting a jumping locomotion. Studies of cassowaries and ostriches-two birds that scientists have determined most closely mimic Tyrannosaurus-show that T-rex, like the rest of its theropod king, walked horizontally to the ground, its tail acting as a counterbalance for the massive head. The legs were designed for short bursts of speed, suggesting that it was an ambush predator.
I've been debunking creationists all day. Look up the arguments in favor of the evolution and the Big Bang. I can't be bothered right now.
What do elephants have to do with this? Yes, they can charge surprisingly quickly for a short time like T-rex, but that's it.

No, bacteria are the oldest recorded living things on the planet. Learn about what you're trying to debunk first.
The dinosaur extinction was caused by climate change, but said climate change was brought on by a meteor the size of New York City, that among hundreds of other apocalyptic events, blocked out the sun for months.
Ancient hominids evolved a mere 5 million years ago-60 million years after the dinosaurs had gone extinct.
One billon = 1,000 million
Mesozoic Era (Age of the dinsaurs) = about 200 million years
Much less than one-sixth of the earth, no?
Dinosaurs went extinct through, put simply, Armaggedon plus Doomsday on steroids.
First, an asteroid the size of New York City slammed into what is now the Gulf of Mexico: The crater has been found, and worldwide, there is a line of iridium-an element commonly found in meteors-acting as a dividing line between Mesozoic and Cenozoic rocks. The meteor's impact set off massive earthquakes, which in turn triggered worldwide volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. The clouds of ash and dust thrown up by these events blotted out the sun itself worldwide. Some of the dirt became superheated in the atmosphere and fell back down to earth as a rain of house-sized shards of glass! The dinosaurs, as well as almost all large animals on the planet, could not handle these changes and died out. The main survivors were smaller animals like reptiles, birds, and mammals.
Tell me; if God is the one who did this, what did the dinosaurs do to deserve extinction? What sin did they commit?
The Bible was created before anybody even realized that one could count past the number of fingers one had. To use it a code of conduct today is, quite frankly, stupid beyond belief.
No, there is tons of proof
evolution, not against it. What
a made-up fable is that a 'loving god' would willingly slaughter millions of innocent Egyptians in the most gruesome ways possible to "gain glory" for himself!
Elephants are losing their tusks, new fruit fly species have been created in laboratories, even a new lizard species has evolved.
No examples of "a monkey becoming a human being", eh? Austalopithecus, Ardipithecus, Homo erectus, Homo habilis, Homo heidelbergensis, and dozens of others would like to differ (The hominids I mentioned are not in any particular order)!
Next, we did not evolve from monkeys-or apes, for that matter (learn your own arguments!): humans and apes both evolved-or split off, if you want to get metaphorical-from a single common ancestor.
By that final piece of 'logic', allow me to retort: if most Americans are descended from Europeans, than why are there still Europeans?
No, they were called 'those big bones in the ground,' in any language you prefer.
That carbon dating is probably either made up by you or one of your 'scientists'.
You do realize that even if that fake dating were true-and it can't be, seeing as dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, many thousands of times older than your claimed dating-dinosaurs would still be older than what you think the age of the earth is, right?
It says in the Bible that "every animal and his mate" was taken aboard. That means that sexually mature animals that had already mated were the only ones allowed on board.
If dinosaurs are dragons, then why haven't we found any winged T-rexes or anything like a Chinese dragon?
An elephant viewed by someone who had never seen one could be misinterpreted: the trunk could have been called a tail.
Bigfoot is not a dinosaur at all. It's some kind of ape-man creature.
Evolution, unlike God, has proof. We have the fossils. We win. Now go home.
Evolution happens over hundreds of generations, dumbass. And again, Apes. Are. Not. Monkeys.
They ruled the earth because they evolved quickly enough to take over the ecosystem.
And mutations are not always harmful: being born with two sets of fangs would be very helpful to a cobra or viper.
Paranormal activity is just a scheme made up by priests to get people to believe them. It also has nothing to do with evolution.
Ever heard of a hoax?
No, it definitely existed. There are several tons of fossil remains left behind by it.
Eyes evolved very, very early on in the history of life. Therefore, the descendants of those ancient organisms, including T-rex, giant beavers, humans, spiders, and sharks, among millions of others. Most of the common body parts of animals-backbones, brains, etc.-were developed hundreds of millions of years beforehand in very primitive animals.
evolution, you twit.
We also have created single-celled creatures in labs. We have also figured out how trees grow from tiny seeds-read a biology textbook.
And finally, we
able to clone plant parts-we're already doing it with humans ears, toes, etc. to replace the ones soldiers lose in battle.
Research before you argue.
T-rex droppings have been found containing bits of bone. T-rex bite marks have been found in herbivores. The closest models that we have for T-rex's lifestyle-crocodilians-are carnivores. That's definitely enough proof.
T-rex teeth were also way larger than that-try nine or eleven inches with three-inch roots.
of soft tissues, my idiotic advesary, not
Of course the bones on display are replicas: the real ones are studied in laboratories. That way, guests can enjoy dinosaur fossils without scientists dismantling them for study.

Yes, there is a difference between the two: it's just very hard to see it. Your quitting of the course is a typical creationist response: if you see something you don't understand, then you say that it cannot be real.

Of course they existed: besides the fossils, we have birds to show for it! Plus, if dinosaurs didn't exist, then what, exactly, took up every single ecological niche on dry land for about 200 million years?

And no shit they weren't in the Bible: dinosaur fossils were still being mistaken for dragon bones at that time!

Yeah: together, you dumbfucks can destroy modern knowledge!
The oversized mammals evolved
there were no dinosaurs around, dumbass! They were filling in the ecological niches left by the dinosaurs.

No 'still-rotting flesh' has ever been found on dinosaur bones. On frozen mammoths? Yes. On preserved moa remain? Yes. But on dinosaurs? No.
So being heterosexual is satanic, then?
Not just bumps: tiny pits were found one the 'bumps' that were almost identical to the follicles where feathers are attached in modern birds.

No feathered dinosaurs? Microraptor, Yutyrannus, Beipiaosaurus, Archaeopteryx, Sinosauropteryx, Juravenator, Anchiornis, Rahonavis, Caudipteryx, Dilong, Citpati, Deinocheirus, and dozens of others would beg to differ.

And yes, feathered dinosaurs do prove evolution, as do the dozens of dinosaur fossils showing a gradual change into birds.

Why, exactly, do you place such little faith in your God? An all-powerful being could easily direct evolution: after all, God is all-powerful, is he not?
Dinosaurs went extinct about 65 million years before your pathetic guess, idiot. The fact that no dinosaur fossils younger than 65 million years have ever been found is proof of that.

Fossilization explains the bones, as well. Plus, humans have only been around for one Ice Age-and Ice Ages are not as catastrophic as they would appear. Life finds a way, dude.

No, that sounds like natural selection.

We are not very advanced: look up 'Neil Degrasse Tyson Stupid Design' for more info on that.

Those species are still the way they have been for millions of years because they are already perfectly adapted to their environment: they have no need to change.

No, great apes did not just 'decide to stand up': what happened was that millions of years ago, an ape-like ancestor of humans lived in a forested habitat that was slowly giving way to grassland. Therefore, specimens of the ape-like animal that could walk around on the ground more efficiently had more children and passed on their traits. Over millions of years, these ape-like creatures grew smarter and smarter and walked in a more upright position, eventually giving rise to humans. Climate change is what triggered human evolution. WHat triggered all evolution is still unknown, but science is working on that. Just because science does not know something does not mean that God did it! Science is often wrong, but that's what's so great about it: it corrects its mistakes as more and more is learned about the world. Your religion, however, never changes. It will always have its idiotic beliefs, and it will look more and more idiotic as time goes on and more is discovered about the history of life.

No, it is not: it is the key to idiocy.
Believing in dinosaurs is like believing that the Sun exists: it's obvious that it's there, so why believe when you know that it's real?

Let me tell you what's a myth: a 'loving' god killing every citizen in two different cities, only sparing a man who offers his daughters for rape and his family, killing the man's wife and turning a blind eye to the aforementioned daughters getting pregnant with their father's children; slaughtering every life form on earth and demanding sacrifice as a sign of thanks; and getting praised and worshipped as a result of his actions! That, my idiotic adversary, is one of the most sick, depraved mythological characters to ever be created.
All of that art you're talking about was faked-either by creationists like you, or by people who did not know much about prehistory looking to make a quick buck from tourists.

If the art is real, though, it is entirely possible that the paintings were based on fossilized bones-that's how most scientists think that legends of dragons got started.

The Bible never speaks of dinosaurs-Behemoth is most likely an elephant described by somebody who mistook the trunk for a tail, and Leviathan is probably based off of a crocodile or a whale.

On the topic of the ark 'theory' (it's an insult to science to even call it that), it says in the Bible that 'every animal and his mate' was on the ark. This implies that the animals were sexually mature, eliminating that idea from an already preposterous theory.
This book needs to be burned.
Christian scientists? Hah! That's a good one! But anyway,
scientists have examined T-rex teeth for over a century now, and they found some pretty cool things-one of which being that the root for the tooth was longer than the actual tooth! Plus, T-rex, like alligators and crocodiles of today, was always losing teeth and growing new ones to replace them-an answer to any lost teeth in its lifetime.
What about the pressure exerted by the bite? Scientists created a mathematical model for T-rex and found that it had a bite force of about 57,000 netwons: that's over 6 tons of force. Serrated teeth, perfect for ripping through flesh, further confirm T-rex's carnivorous habits.
News flash:
has teeth infused with chlorophyll, not even herbivores. You see, chlorophyll is the substance that plants use to get food from sunlight-even herbivores end up digesting it without absorbing it into their systems. Plus, I can't see the use that a 7-ton carnivore would have for photosynthetic teeth: only plants can create the chemical reactions needed to produce energy with chlorophyll, and they can only do it in plant cells, not in solid calcium teeth.
Game, set, match. Research before you make a claim.
We are apes, not monkeys. Plus, Godzilla is a fictional mutated dinosaur. King Kong is a fictional giant ape. They are pretty obviously not related to one another.
2. Are you scared of a Divine Creator?
Not nearly as much as I am scared of the Japanese Giant Hornet, which is bigger than your thumb, can fly at 25mph and has the added advantage of actually existing.
4. Does not the second law of thermodynamics disprove evolution?
Yes it does not. I mean, it doesn’t. Your weird grammar is bewitching. But your grasp of physics is not. The Second Law of Thermodynamics roughly states that energy can only flow from a hot body to a cold one in a closed system, and that the measure of this is called entropy, which only ever increases. You’re parroting the argument that a living cell appears to contradict this, by maintaining order in their cellular innards. Alas living things are not closed systems. You’re using one thing you don’t understand to explain another. Your problem here is really with physics. Can you take it up with those guys please? Shoo.

5. How do you explain a sunset if their is no God?
Really? Not even creationists argue that the Earth’s rotation on its own axis disproves evolution. Christ alive, to be excluded from that club for being a bit dim is harsh. Oh and: THERE.
12. There is no inbetween … the only one found has been Lucy and there are only a few pieces of the hundreds neccessary for an “official proof”
-I’ll help you out here. I presume you are talking about transitional fossils, and Lucy, the 40% complete specimen of Australopithecus afarensis. There are literally thousands of transitional fossils – ones that show features in common with distinct later species. I like Tiktaalik the best, an ugly brute with some fishy gills, land-lubbing lungs, and some bits that were in between (a wrist joint connecting to fins).

13. Does metamorphosis help support evolution?
-Yes, well spotted. The post-birth transformation of a tadpole into a frog is a means of eliminating competition between young and mature as they’re in completely different ecological niches. Clever eh?

14. If evolution is a theory (like creationism or the bible) why then is evolution taught as fact?
-Do all you guys have beards? Evolution is a fact: species change over time. Even Ken Ham acknowledges this. Evolution by Natural Selection is a theory in the scientific sense, meaning a set of testable, predictive structures and ideas that explain the observed facts. It’s not the same usage as in my theory that all you guys have beards because you’re hiding something you’re ashamed of.

15. Because science by definition is a “theory” – not testable, observable, nor repeatable, why do you object to creationism or intelligent design being taught in school?
-Wait, what? Science isn’t a theory. Who said that? Science is a way of knowing stuff. You’re not even trying.

16. What mechanism has science discovered that evidences an increase of genetic information seen in any genetic mutation or evolutionary process?
-Oh I don’t know, genome duplication? Mutations that add or change function? Increased genetic diversity in a population? There are loads if you can be bothered to look.

17. What purpose do you think you are here for if you do not believe in salvation?
-To have a good time. All the time.

18. Why have we found only 1 “Lucy”, when we have found more than 1 of everything else?
-Here, let me Google that for you, unusually shaven man. Wikipedia lists at least nine Autralopithecus afarensis specimens. Seek and ye shall find. Someone said that, can't remember who.

19. Can you believe in “the big bang” without “faith”?
-I don’t have to believe in the Big Bang, my reassuringly bearded friend. The evidence for it is overwhelming. Scientists have to keep trying to find ways to show it’s wrong. And no one has yet.

20. How can you look at the world and not believe someone created/thought of it? It’s amazing!!!
-It is amazing! And even more so when discovering how it works and how it came to be, rather than simply repeating a modern misreading of a 2,000-year-old book written by Palestinian goatherds.

21. Relating to the big bang theory … Where did the exploding star come from?
-A Supernova? What’s that got to do with evolution? In other random questions: Did you know the name ‘Supernova’ was coined by astronomer Fritz Zwicky? His contribution to neologisms is more impressive, as he also invented the term "spherical bastard" for people who were bastards from any direction.

22. If we come from monkeys then why are there still monkeys?
-YES, BINGO! Creationist house! Even your arch-doofus gouda-brained leaders tell you that this not-even-wrong mouthfart shouldn’t be used in arguments. You know how people say "there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers"? Wrong again, dur-brain!
My god. This is a guy who still believes that visual perception is a product of extramission, claiming that he is a scholar of science, and that evolutionary theory has been falsified by the scientific literature. The man is astonishingly full of bullshit, and completely divorced from reality.
This year I bought a computer, got on the web and am enjoying the fruits of this "Information Age". Naturally, I've investigated sites which are of especial interest to myself...such as Pterosaurs. Why pterosaurs? Because in the summer of 1971 while stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, I saw 2 of them flying leisurely overhead at no more than 200 ft distance. I haven't had much success telling people about it - they're all believers of the lies of evolution, etc. Now with the internet I've seen some corroboration. When I wrote to National Geographic years ago they informed me that Pterosaurs have been extinct for millions of years. Shows what they know. The arrogance of people amazes me. They're in New York, I was in Cuba; but they feel confident telling me what I saw. I wish someone would shoot one or capture it alive and cram it down National Geographic's throat.

Thanks for the site,

Eskin Cuhn
You're a fucking moron. There is simply no other way to describe it. Here's why:
1. Pterosaurs have never been found anywhere near Cuba. This is because the Gulf of Mexico was just open ocean until a while after the dinosaurs went extinct
2. Pterosaurs are fairly obvious animals. If there really are pterosaurs in Cuba, then somebody would have had to have seen them before you did.
3. You do know that Guantanamo Bay is a prison, right? Those 'pterosaurs' were most likely drones flying around the area to find prisoners if they ever escape, or large seabirds: it's pretty hard to tell the details of something if it's 200 feet above you.
4. What's evolution got to do with this? It's been proven true for centuries now, and is supported by literally every fossil ever found, every DNA structure ever examined. Pterosaurs could have survived up until the modern day, but it would not disprove evolution in any way. All it would prove would be that pterosaurs were well-suited for their environment.
5. National Geographic is composed of brilliant scientists who have studied science all of their lives. You are some idiot with no scientific training whatsoever who thinks that his drug trip somehow tops all of science. That isn't arrogance. They are smarter than you. Deal with it.
6. Your immediate reaction to seeing what may be the biggest find of the century: "I want to shoot it! Clearly it is proof of my invisible sky genie!" No, you would be best off filming it. That way, scientists can examine the footage safely, the animal stays free, and everyone's happy. But being a creationist, and therefore being about as smart as a vegetable, you just want to kill it because you think it'll distract people from your tiny junk.
The only thing where there is no in between, is between your ears where the rest of us have squishy grey stuff.
-Spherical Bullshit
I’m going to go ahead and assume you don’t know what
of those words mean.
-Spherical Bullshit
You’re a fucking idiot.
-Spherical Bullshit
Because you’re
a fucking idiot.
-Spherical Bullshit

Nah, fuck it. Dawkins already did the hard work for me here. Warning, it’s long. It’ll blow your tiny little creationist brain just trying to comprehend that many words in one place.
-Spherical Bullshit
Only one Australopithecus specimen?!? Holy crap, someone better tell the President of Paleontology fast! They think there’s nearly a dozen!!
-Spherical Bullshit
I believe my purpose is to praise Allah and glorify his prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Prove me wrong, bitches.
-Spherical Bullshit
Easily, actually. Because I’m smart. Well, perhaps not “smart” in the grand scheme of things. But next to people who think the entire human population was created through incest, twice, I’m a fucking 1-in-a-trillion genius.
-Spherical Bullshit
Heinlein’s famous quote about most of the public being candidates for protective restraint was generous. Here’s the deal religious goons. If you are right your omnipotent sky fairy is going to roast our unbelieving asses in the afterlife. Given that we’re facing infinite punishment for rational thought could you please just shut the fuck up and stop bothering us while we're alive. Ditto, for you the crazy murdering Jihadi S.O.B.s: Supreme beings do not need your help to fight their silly wars, so please retire to your cave and resume goat buggering.
You dirty-dealing, backstabbing, motherfucking, bastards. This is low even for you asshats.

Well, then, you wouldn't mind if we atheists put up billboards mocking your religion, would you? *sigh* Of course you would; you'd just sue us, complaining that we're guilty of hate speech and that you're innocent.

So basically, we're going to be tortured forever for not being fucking pawns for a bunch of pedophiles? Yeah, that's a
decent god you've got there! Speaking of which, those aren't on that sign. Neither are murderers, for that matter.

Damn. Straight.
Fixed for you, courtesy of an atheist! (Sadly, not me.)
I need to kill fast...and bullets too slow!
Go on Internet Tough Guy, tear yourself away from shouting racist abuse on multi-player Call of Duty long enough tell them they’re not allowed to serve in combat because they’re physically weak. Go on. See what happens. I dare you.
“Influencing” is a long word. Who the hell thinks they could possibly fit “influencing” in that gap and so willingly chooses to break up a word with a hyphen when handwriting? No, really. Who the hell does that? If Bill Nye can influence anyone in a positive way, it should be to avoid being this short-sighted and stupid.

Still no lightning bolts. I guess that answers that one.
Short answer: No.

Long answer: Once you understand that 1) the Earth is not a closed system and so the Second Law won’t rigorously apply 2) that the complexity of the chemical reactions that form life in fact are driven by entropy increases in the wider system and 3) that “does not…” at the beginning of a question introduces ambiguity and is as stylistically appalling as combining that hair with that beard – one or t’other, please. Then no.
Because aliens are comparatively plausible. And considering most serious people think panspermia and directed panspermia are
totally batshit implausibly stupid and only gullible idiots who watch too much SyFy
believe in it, what does that say about Young Earth Creationism, Mr I’m Only Going To Show My Hands Rather Than My Gurning Face?
The only thing where there is no in between, is between your ears where the rest of us have squishy grey stuff.
"If evolution is a theory like creationism, then why is it taught as fact?"
-You're a fucking idiot.
I believe my purpose is to praise Allah and glorify his prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Prove me wrong, bitches.
Only one Australopithecus specimen?!? Holy crap, someone better tell the President of Paleontology fast! They think there’s nearly a dozen!!
Easily, actually. Because I’m smart. Well, perhaps not “smart” in the grand scheme of things. But next to people who think the entire human population was created through incest, twice, I’m a fucking 1-in-a-trillion genius.
Which brings me to the second problem with Ham’s theory – the fact that all this was made for us. It’s just Douglas Adams’ puddle analogy applied to the entire universe. All the bright lights in the sky are purely there for our entertainment, and to remind us of how awesome our invisible friend is. Because, for some reason, this supposedly all-powerful being, believes that things like this are a far better way of getting the message across that appearing in the sky on a daily basis yelling “I’M GOD, MOTHERFUCKERS!” Then again, when you’re basing your understanding of the world and everything around it on a book written by Bronze Age goat herders, what would you expect?
It’s funny how often I’ve seen Christians – especially creationists – calling atheists and humanists arrogant and vain for not constantly prostrating ourselves in front of a vengeful invisible friend – who totally loves you, remember, but will kick your ass if you don’t love it back. That’s not the basis for a religion, that’s the plot of Fatal Attraction. And yet they cling to the belief that everything was created just for them – the metaphorical puddle into which they fit so perfectly must have been made just for them. Sadly, it’s this same egotistical, backwards and just plain wrong thinking that also fuels things like climate change denialism. Because if you’re going to be fundamentally about one aspect of the planet you live on, why not all the others too?

However, it’s the third part of Ham’s argument that I find the most… disturbing. Not just disturbing, but it’s also a clear indication of just how vile Ham’s version of Christian theology is. It’s in the little loophole that he leaves himself, by saying that even if aliens exist, they don’t matter, because they’re all doomed, thanks to Adam’s sin.
However, it’s the third part of Ham’s argument that I find the most… disturbing. Not just disturbing, but it’s also a clear indication of just how vile Ham’s version of Christian theology is. It’s in the little loophole that he leaves himself, by saying that even if aliens exist, they don’t matter, because they’re all doomed, thanks to Adam’s sin.

Wait… what?

Wow, now there’s some self-centered theology for you. As Ham says, “the Bible makes it clear that Adam’s sin affected the whole universe. This means that any aliens would also be affected by Adam’s sin, but because they are not Adam’s descendants, they can’t have salvation.”

So, let’s look at this purely from the point of view that there is a creator being, who created Earth, Adam & Eve – and by implication all the other aliens out there. Ham happily ignores the fact that just maybe this creator Being gave similar stories to the other aliens, because for Ham, creation exists for him and him alone. But let’s use Ham’s version and assume he doesn’t – the aliens are living in blissful ignorance of just how Ham’s god is about to fuck with the beings he created.

After all, the Being creates them with a design flaw, exploits that flaw, blames them for having the flaw that he put there in the first place and punishes everybody ever, all because one person screwed up. However, Ham takes it one step further. It’s not just us poor humans that are now damned, all because we pissed of some being that supposedly loves us so much that he’s really going to stick it to us, because one person screwed up. Oh no, now all those aliens out there are also suddenly damned. Despite the fact that they haven’t got a clue what’s going on, have never heard of God, or the Milky Way, let alone Adam. Despite all this, they’re getting kicked in the fiery pit when Armageddon comes, all because some alien on a different planet screwed up.

I suppose it’s the theological equivalent of having your planet destroyed to make way for an Intergalactic Expressway.

But there’s an even darker side to this – even if Adam’s sin spreads across the universe at the speed of light, that means it’s only traveled about 6,000 light years – less than half-way across our own galaxy, let alone getting anywhere near Andromeda. That would imply that there’s potentially an awful lot of alien life out there, that is still pure, and holy and untouched by Adam’s sin, that is going to be eventually wiped out by some Being, who’s pissed at some other life form a trillion light years away.

And this is a being worth worshiping?

Ok, that’s enough of trying to figure out just how the fuck Ham’s mind works. I need to lie down now, before this high-grade stupid makes my brain leak out through my ears.
So the DA nazi guy finally blocked me, but only after getting a warning from Deviantart about his hate speech (yep, it does work!) and leaving me this hilarious final response:

I think this warrants a response of my own, but since he blocked me like a cowardly child, I’ll post it here!
Listen, chickenshit:
people reported you. They reported you because your statements and beliefs are too hilariously awful and blatantly wrong for me not to have blogged about to my thousands of followers for our mutual entertainment. Oh, I’m sorry, that’s not “honorable?”
I guess we should all strive to be as “honorable” as you. Like the “honor” you display towards every single person who was born looking different from your ideal, or the “honor” you display when you generalize entire groups for the statements and actions of individuals no better than any number of individuals sharing your own demographic. Or that oh-so honorable way you deny the attempted extermination of jews, gays and others by Nazi Germany, but deep down, you still think it was a great idea and would have made sense to you. You know, if it wasn’t a conspiracy cooked up by those dirty Hebrews for false sympathy, right? Where the hell do you get off thinking you’re good enough for a word like “honor” to be anywhere in your vocabulary?

There is no “agenda” shared by any one race or culture on the planet. No number of quotes from any number of people change that. I could quote white politicians saying abhorrent things all day, that doesn’t say anything about white people in general. People are people.
You don’t get “honorable” treatment because every single fucking thing you think and stand for is dishonorable. People like yourself are the only people in the world who
be oppressed. Oppressed before you gain enough sway to oppress the truly innocent. Deluded bigots like you and your little Deviantart circle-jerk deserve to suffer. You deserve public humiliation, rejection, mockery and the same blind, absolute hate you reserve for other human beings. As I’ve said time and again, that’s only fair. That’s
only what you dish out
. If you think you have a concept of “honor” then you should be able to take what you dish out without being a
fucking crybaby
Nobody can choose to be born black, white, asian or hispanic. Nobody chooses what country they’re born in. Your kind, however, choose to hate them for things beyond their control. That objectively makes you the bad guys. By even the most basic logic, you deserve to be silenced and punished for your despicable choice at every opportunity.
The moderators of Deviantart say that you’ll be deleted if you keep up with this kind of speech, so I’ll be watching.
There are a million more like you and it will hardly affect me, but it will be satisfying. It already gives me a delightfully smug satisfaction that you were warned and that it pisses you off to have been “snitched on.” I’ll do it again and again. I’ll reblog your stupid-ass beliefs whenever they get funny again. You whine and complain like a little bitch about being banned from Furaffinity, so it obviously
upsets you
, and it would give me a
to upset you again. It’s the closest I can come to the punch in the face you actually warrant.
Oh, was all that lacking “honor” again? Good, because by your definition of “honor” I might as well be knighted right now.
So many people chiming in that they find me rude or insensitive for saying this.
I think I was pretty clear about what being an “asshat” entails.
There’s a difference between “I have arachnophobia, I am afraid of spiders.” and “I have arachnophobia so EW GROSS I
The latter behavior is what makes one an “asshat."
Even a genuine clinical "phobia” (which is significantly less common than the number of people who say they have one) is not a free pass to needlessly
what you’re afraid of. Plenty of people with phobias have the maturity to separate fear from loathing. Most people with irrational fears know that their fears are irrational and are not proud of them. If you’re reblogging an animal just to say how much you despise it and want it to die,
you are being an asshat
, for no reason. Nothing whatsoever excuses that.
fuuuuuuuuuck. my mom just killed this big ass deadly looking spider. ugggggghhhhhh.
They disgust me, evil little bitches
-What exactly is a “deadly looking” spider? Even the “deadliest” spider on earth has a bite that’s only ever killed a handful of people, under highly unusual circumstances. Spiders have no interest whatsoever in harming you, and neither does virtually any insect but a couple of well-known ectoparasites. Spiders and insects, by the way, are completely different things, as any child usually knows by now.
When I come across someone like this who says they “hate” everything with more than four legs, I have a mental breakdown. I
absolutely cannot fathom
how anyone, no matter how psychologically broken, can look at innocent, simple little animals
this fantastic
(Images of dancing peacock spiders)
…Only to think nothing but “ew, what disgusting, awful monsters I wish were all dead!”
Don’t tell me it’s a matter of “taste”…
something just for existing and being different is not a “taste” issue, it’s a
fucking sickness
. It stems from the same ugly, wretched little pit of the brain as racial and sexual prejudice, and I want nothing more out of life than for people to be completely ashamed of feeling this kind of bullshit about
To me, people like this have to be shutting themselves off from the true wonder and joy of our world. If you can’t even respect its
most plentiful and beneficial organisms
, I shudder to think just how degenerate your imagination must be, how vapid and stunted you’ve left your own capacity to appreciate
in this life.
Yes, an understanding of and respect for the diversity of nature is my very first and foremost measure of a person’s intellectual worth. You could be technically the dumbest person on the planet, but if you only admire how many strange forms life can take, I think you’re as brilliant as a person can possibly be.
The more things crawling, swimming and flying around our planet that you think are just
ugly, worthless and horrible
, on the other hand, the less I’m able to even regard you as a fellow person.
Skyrim for Arachnophobes
I don’t really play video games anymore, but I just caught wind that someone bothered to create a Skyrim mod that replaces all giant spider enemies with bears.
I don’t know what I find more insulting here, honestly. On one hand, it’s ridiculous that there are people who hate spiders enough that they need to be
coddled by a video game
, and on the other hand, it’s ridiculous that there are people who want to
water down their own video games for apparently being too thrilling.
If it sounds like something you really need, though, you can find it here!!!
You know what I’m really tired of hearing?
Any possible variation on “that’s just a
vocal minority
!” when discussing shitty problematic behavior in a given group. It’s so common, so widely accepted that the sheer audacity of it is criminally overlooked.
Say anything about the level of misogyny in gamer culture, for example, and some wiener is inevitably going to whip out a statement like “MOST
gamers are decent people! There’s just a few of them making sexism look more common because, like, they’re really loud about it!!

People often yield to these statements because they’re afraid to look like they’re “negatively stereotyping” a group, but
this argument literally only amounts to
positive stereotyping
, which is equally baseless and in many ways equally harmful.
Let’s think hard about this: what does anybody
have to go by when they are making this rather bold claim that they just know, for sure, that most of their fellow gamers/bronies/football fans/christians are good-natured?
What empirical evidence exists to support their positive stereotype over the negative one?
If you’re claiming that good behavior is the norm, then exactly what logic dictates that bad behavior can’t become the norm just as easily? What’s stopping it?
What, exactly, is ensuring that “good” people must constitute at least 51% of your fandom?
Just the ambient magic of goodness?
The shitty, awful people often make the opposite presumption, that their bigoted attitudes are representative of their peers.
What makes their presumption wrong, and yours right?
The fact that they’re not pleasant, and you don’t like them?

I guess the big question is,
how the hell do you KNOW?
What makes any variation on the “vocal minority” argument anything other than a wild guess based on literally nothing but blind optimism?
An equally big question is,
why are you REALLY making this argument?
What do you gain from it?
Do you
sincerely believe
that some mystical force is ensuring that hateful, selfish, abusive people are an inconsequential minority in your chosen group, or are you just afraid of people passing judgment on you for sharing a hobby with them?
Nobody, anywhere, actually believes that playing video games in itself magically transforms rational people into misogynists. Nobody is actually saying that 100% of human beings who have touched an Xbox controller are enemies of feminism. You don’t need to stereotype your subculture as primarily good just to defend yourself.
What you should do, instead of turning it into a cry of “NOT ME!,” is maybe just
acknowledge that something is a problem.
At the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter if abusive, hateful shitheads are “just” a minority, because
that minority might not be so “vocal” if you weren’t so damn complacent about them.
-What the actual fuck.
-So if you guys have twitters, please just, do your thing, cuz i already have began.
-Signal boost because Jesus Christ ShedelleKay legit thinks
anyone non-Christian should get out of America
. She seems to say it at least once a day, among other obscenely bigoted and asinine bullshit she both retweets and comes out with herself.
If you think it’s amoral and low to send trolls after people, well, sorry, but I think it’s lower to say even half the disgusting shit these people do and the internet’s full wrath upon them is nothing but justice. Freedom of speech includes the freedom to retaliate with speech of our own. When someone makes an ugly statement, they are agreeing to an appropriately ugly reply.
Of course she’s turning around and pulling “you’re the real racists for thinking my tweet was about race!” as if anyone can be dumb enough to accidentally make a lynching joke that obvious.
Sometimes I run across a person like this and I just have to exercise my bitching muscles into their inbox for my own petty satisfaction. Does it make any positive impact on the world? No. Does it make any more progress than yelling at a brick wall? Of course not. Do I just plain
like doing it
? Yes.
CHRISTIAN FRENDZ: please don’t take this seriously, I’m nowhere near as dogmatic an atheist as I sound here. Venting my thoughts on terrible people just brings out a lot of hyperbole. It’s almost role-playing.
(Images of Bogleech wiping the floor with a homophobe)
Don’t give me crap for posting her e-mail.
She plasters it all over her website right next to her GAYS DESTROY THE WORLD rhetoric. I’m sure she gets hate-mail all damn day, and probably gets the same self righteous high off it that I get by making a nuisance of myself here.
We’ve all got our quirks.
Don’t give me crap about “sinking to their level” either.
I’m a firm believer that the only way to deal with hate is counter-hate. That doesn’t make us “just like them.” If they
it by hating the
, then they’re
not innocent
and hate towards them is
justified and deserved
. Educating, respecting and tolerating the consciously, unflinchingly prejudiced has consistently failed to make them go away or re-think their attitudes. It’s like trying to fight a fire by showing it how
not on fire
you are.
Well duh.
Suddenly the whole internet is talking about Chik-Fil-A (fast food chicken restaurant, to you foreign type people) being run by homophobic Christians. There’s even articles going up about how their donations to anti-gay organizations have been “exposed.”
I have heard about all this
for as long as I’ve known that Chik-Fil-A existed.
It’s been common knowledge for at least ten years now.
It’s also one of the most infuriating things I have to deal with in my entire trivial first world life because yes, I do think their chicken sandwiches and nuggets are
unbeatably, uniquely, tormentingly delicious.
Those dead bird chunks, based in the blood of equal rights, haunt me all the fucking time until I break down and eat there every 5-10 months. Both the flavor and texture to me are leaps and bounds beyond any other deliciousness achieved by any other cooked meat I have ever experienced, anywhere. It is up there with real milk chocolate among things I uncontrollably, endlessly crave that absolutely cannot be substituted.
I am desperately counting on someone else to perfect a replica of their food and finally ruin them. McDonalds tried, with their “Southern Style” chicken sandwich, but it sucks in comparison.
Bring me their secrets,
and then we can burn them all down and urinate on the ashes.
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