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Template universe

No description

Jeroen Jacobs

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Template universe

Meet John
John is about to go on an adventure to learn about 3D backgrounds
Change in Story
How do you use 3D Backgrounds?
Easter Eggs
Go to "
Customize Current Theme
" under the Themes drop-down
The second background fades in when you zoom about a third of the way into the prezi
& the third when you zoom in just as far

Subtle Visual Effect
A simple atmospheric background can add a subtle sense of environment, or even invoke a mood or feeling in your prezi.
By subtly changing the color or texture of a background, you can add some slight movement or interest to your prezi without causing any distraction.
You can use different backgrounds to indicate a change in your story, whether it be between locations, topics, or sections. This is a an easy way to create a metaphor in your presentation.
Or you can get creative and use it to hide special surprises and secrets within your Prezi.
Avoid placing content on a transition between two backgrounds.
How to get the most out of 3D Backgrounds
Some other great Prezi Tutorials:
Taking Control of the CSS Editor:
Animations and Transitions:
3D backgrounds add depth to your prezis
Go to
and then click
next to "3D Background"
Click on the box that says "
" and select a background
You can upload up to
different backgrounds
You can switch out or re-arrange backgrounds by clicking on the images you want to change.
How can I use 3D backgrounds to make awesome prezis?
Drag your screen to the left to reveal a special surprise.
The Doctor has a couple of tips for John!
It creates a ghost effect and can make your prezi look messy or distracting.
To avoid this, keep zooming in or out until only one of the backgrounds is clearly visible
For best results, use images that are at least 3000 px wide
Keep content within the edges of the background
Seeing the edges of the background images can make a prezi look sloppy and unpolished.
Try to avoid
extremely busy backgrounds if possible*
The background should stay in the background. It's meant to enhance your content, not distract from it.
Avoid this by keeping frames within the edges of the background.
If you zoom into a frame and the background edges are still visible, you may just have to move the frame inward a bit.
3000 px
If the images are too small they will become pixelated when you zoom in.
This is especially important for your final background because you will be zoomed in very closely on it.
1000 px
*Busy backgrounds can be acceptable in cases where they are meant to stand alone and not be a backdrop to your content. (ex. change in story)
However if you still feel a busy background is necessary make sure you make your content easily readable.
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