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Yellow River Valley

Shang and Zhou Dynasty

Hannah Huth

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Yellow River Valley

Yellow River Valley Shang Dynasty Shang and Zhou Dynasty Come and enjoy fishing in our fresh water river We are highly intelligent in agriculture

We have the newest, most advanced technology such as:

High quality fertilizers and pesticides
New ways of plowing; new tools!

We also have great healing methods for colds, allergies, and other injuries! You will be in good hands here! Zhou Dynasty We are located along the second longest river in all of China- the Yellow River Geography Come visit the only place where God chose our Emperor! The beautiful Yellow River flows straight through our civilizations

The river deposits silt on our land,
which creates land perfect for farming

Many beautiful mountain ranges come
through, creating breathtaking scenery

We have the only river that truly is yellow, so come see for yourself! When you live in the Zhou Dynasty, it's nothing but the best for its citizens!

We're just TOO Smart! While everyone is making mud pottery and bowls, we are so amazing that we make BRONZE pottery! We regularly check and record irregular astronomical events...not to mention we have an extremely accurate calendar! You'll never miss another date again, my friend!

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