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Building a Brain

Bransford chapter 5

sherrie reynolds

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Building a Brain

Building a Brain

The brain is built by experience
Proliferation and Pruning
Adding new synapses throughout life. (learning)
Synapses are built by experience
Nerve cells are
nourished by
capillaries and
capillaries increase
with experience.
Direct experience of the environment
Social interaction
Learning specific tasks
brings about localized
changes in the areas of
the brain appropriate
to the task.

Learning imposes
new patterns of
organization on the

Different brain systems
appear to develop according
to different time frames.

partly due to experience
partly due to intrinsic forces.
Superiority effect
for memory of
Active mind using
inferences to
relate events
Cognitive efficiency
and economy: creates
categories and links to
other information
Importance of an appropriate
overall framework within which
learning occurs most efficiently
and effectively.

Left and right hemispheres of the brain should be taught separately to maximize effectiveness of learning."
The brain grows in holistic spurts.
Humans only use 20% of their brains and should
be able to use more of it.
People are auditory, visual or tactile learners
What else?
Main Points
Learning changes the physical structure of the brain
Structural changes alter the functional organization of the brain
Different parts of the brain may be ready to learn at different times, but that may just mean learning is more difficult at other times.
Generative Writing
For the next 10 minutes write
all you can about how your teaching will
reflect the information about building a
brain that we have just reviewed.
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