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Harry Styles

No description

Audrey Turner

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Harry Styles

Harry Styles
Febuary 1, 1994 - till present
Birth and Early Life
Became interested in entertainment.
Was in plays. (Buzz Lightyear, Barney)
He loved Elvis Preseley.
Quotes and Words of Advice
"We have a choice to live or exist." - -Harry Styles
"A dream is only a dream... until you deciede to make it real." -Harry Styles
Interesting Facts
He was in a band named White Eskimo before joining One Direction.
Placed only third on the X Factor.
Shares lead vocal responsibilities with band member Liam Payne.
He is credited for the bands name.
Completed school at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. He wanted to study in college Law, Socialligy, and Bussiness.
Significant Events
Being placed on the X Factor.
Being put in a band.
Parents getting divorced.
Mother remarrying.
Getting signed to Syco Music Label.
Making a movie about the band.
Why is he Important?
On March 22, 2012 One Direction became the first U.K. group ever to debut at No. 1 in the United States.
Only placed 3rd on the X Factor, but now is the biggest band in 37 countries.
Family Members
The family members that were imortant to him were his Mom and his sister Gemma.
Influencing Others
Helped many orginizations for children in need.
Raised money by making their own music video and giving the money they saved to a African Orginization.
One Direction participating in Red Nose Day.
I learned that if you try you can achieve anything.
This Is Us
Movie Trailer
"Harry Styles Quotes." Harry Styles Quotes (Author of Dare to Dream). N.p., n.d. Web. 02 June 2014.
Magazines: One Direction Life Stories
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