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In-Demand Jobs and Sectors

San Diego Workforce Partnership

Tina Ngo

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of In-Demand Jobs and Sectors

In-Demand Sectors
Fast Growth Sectors
602 jobs by 2018

$56K avg annual salary

278 locations
Advanced Precision Manufacturing
Aerospace, Navigation, and Maritime Technologies
3,512 jobs by 2018

$106K avg annual salary

456 locations
9,665 jobs by 2018

$145K avg annual salary

1,059 locations
Information and Communication Technology
7,281 jobs by 2018

$124K avg annual salary

3,138 locations
18,063 jobs by 2018

$26K avg annual salary

6737 locations
Entertainment and Hospitality
Green Jobs
Largest Sectors
20,281 jobs by 2018

$95.6K avg annual salary

8,536 locations
700 jobs in 2018
$60.6K median annual salary
Specialty Foods and Microbreweries
Sports and Active Lifestyle
Health Care
Green Jobs
Entertainment & Hospitality
Fast Growth
Life Sciences
Information Communication Tech
Aerospace, Navigation & Maritime Tech
Advanced Precision Manufacturing
Sports Innovation & Manufacturing
Specialty Foods & Microbreweries
Health Care
$60K Average Annual Salary
18.4K jobs in 2018
6.7K locations
Strong employment growth in the past 3-4 years
Energy Efficiency Building
Renewable Energy
Water, Waste water Management
Environmental Compliance
Still being defined
Rapidly growing
11% growth in 2010
296 jobs in 2018
$60K avg annual salary
Driven by technology
Highest job multipliers
Greatest economic impact
Computer Systems Analysts
Software Developers, Applications
Software Developers, Systems Software
Network and Computer Systems Admin
Telecommunications Equipment and Line Installers/Repairers
Customer Sales Representatives
Management Analysts
Market Research Analysts
General and Operations Managers

First-Line Supervisors of Food Preparation and Serving Workers

Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing

Office Clerks

Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers, and Weighters

Civil Engineers
Construction Laborers
Heating, Air Condition, and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers
Key Industries and Jobs in San Diego
Health Care Jobs

Dental Assistants
Dental Hygienists
Medical and Health Services Managers
Registered Nurses
Home Health Aides
Physical Therapists
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