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Josiah Miller

on 2 December 2012

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By Josiah Miller Palynology in Forensics Pollen is the male gametophyte of seed plants.
Pollen comes from the male floral part, referred to as the stamen or androecium. Pollen grains can vary in size from about 10 micrometers to 100 micrometers.

Pollen is released in different seasons. Pollen is transferred by either wind or animals/insects.

Pollen is different because each plant is different in their "pollen fingerprints." Marijuana Pollen Marijuana plants produce so much pollen because of the plants archaic and inefficient method of wind pollination. Locard's Exchange Principle states that "contact between people and objects can transfer material that can determine the nature and duration of the transfer." Pollen is transferred in marijuana plants when it attaches to clothing.

Pollen can link a suspect to a crime scene by using Locard's Principle and the "pollen fingerprint" of the pollen A person was arrested with a large supply of marijuana in his possession, but refused to say how or where he had obtained it. A pollen analysis of the marijuana sample revealed pollen and spores that were similar to the ones found near where the suspect was arrested. Thus, it was reasoned that the marijuana sample was probably from local, home-grown sources. Police wanted to know if the marijuana was from some locally-grown source, or if it was imported. If it were imported, might it be part of a larger shipment linked to organized crime? Work Cited http://www.crimeandclues.com/index.php/forensic-science-a-csi/trace-a-dna/23-forensic-palynology-a-new-way-to-catch-crooks





Forensic Science: Fundamentals & Investigations by Anthony J. Bertino What is pollen? The Case My name is Josiah Miller. I am a trained palynologist and forensic specialist. I am skilled in pollen and spore
examination. Analysis Marijuana plants and marijuana pollen was found in the suspects apartment. The plants were taken by the PD, while the initial pollen was removed from the carpets and floors with a forensic vacuum. The pollen was then examined through a microscope and an electron microscope We verified that it is marijuana pollen by comparing it with a marijuana pollen sample.
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