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Kevin Riley

on 29 March 2010

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Transcript of 1.05

Originated in Britain,and was known as the campaign nuclear disarmament. This is relevent to my lfe b/c God gave me me peace when im in trouble(in pain) and its rlevant to the world because we trade w/ each antion.
when 3 wise men was traveling 3 yrs. to try to find the savior of the world . This star is a reminder of " divine mind". represents respect. wears crown when given a speech.This crown is given to a prince when he becomes a king of a kingdom.
picture was taken to give an announcement to the people.

for protection and helps avoid death.This shiled

used for fighting in battle against foes. also be used for execution.
Originated from cultures like romans, chinese, egyptians. This frog represent sin in my religion. In the world it means the moon,and links toi the Aphrodite
protection from injury. helps him keep away from his enemies.
Mother of U.S England contoled alot of other countries.
Lines of Grendel attacks but dies in end. These lines also talks about how the battle started. represents execution. Reminds me when Jesus died on the cross to die for the world , so we can have everlasting life when he forgive us for our sin.
This camelot castle is for the King himself and his companion, The King. The King gives order to his servents if heor the Queen needs anything.
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