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Soundtrack of Your Life Final Psychology Project

No description

Marylyse Biguio

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Soundtrack of Your Life Final Psychology Project

Moving from an island to a state , having to experience extreme culture shock was a difficult aspect of my life . Having to relocate because of my pops new job opportunity I had no choice but to adapt to my new environment.
Psychology Concept : Functionalism
Bahamas to Georgia
The Birth of Corinthian
I came out my freshman year of high school. I thought i was going to lose the friends I had made & that people would be very judgemental towards me. Surprisingly, everybody already suspected that I was leaning towards the rainbow side.
Psychology Concept : Introspection
Coming Out
Losing my grandmother was like losing my mother to me. She was a very important aspect to my life. From teaching me things that I should know as a young independent woman to how to be a better person each and every day.
Psychology Concept : Behaviorism
Death of my Grandmother
Alexandra Biguio
Soundtrack of Your Life Final Psychology Project
The birth of my little brother was probably the happiest times of my life. Having someone I could bond with, and teach new things to each day was definitely a blessing.
Psychology Concept : Structuralism
My Guardian Angel
Losing a sibling is the most horiffic scene anyone can go through especially if you witnessed every second of what happened.
Psychology Concept : Classical Conditioning
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