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2014 CAUFC-ReLeaf

June 27, 2014

Dan Staley

on 26 June 2014

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Transcript of 2014 CAUFC-ReLeaf

to reduce conflicts
Handout Available On-line at:
Trees and Rooftop Solar: New California
laws and you
Dan Staley
Analemma Resources, LLC

June 27, 2014
Relevant Benefits of Urban Forests
Conserve energy by shading building envelopes and
Ameliorating the urban heat island.
Avoid stormwater costs by intercepting and slowing precipitation.
Property values
Customers travel farther
Spend more
Valuation higher
Solar Access
Why Solar Power?
Solar Collection
Production Costs
U.S Installations
Aging Electrical Grid
Increasing Weather Impacts
What Do the Solar Folks
Energy security and
Urban forests affected by new laws:
Energy savings
Climate change and land uses
Many parties don't understand these relationships
Solar power is here to stay
Many reasons for choosing solar power
Arborists and UFers are important for solar power in cities
What Do We Mean by 'Solar Access'?
"Right to Light" or "Ancient Lights"
For thousands of years, societies have protected the right to heat and light from the sun
Ancient Greeks, Chinese
Spanish "Laws of the Indies"
British Common Law
U.S. and Canada do not have legal doctrine of Right to Light from British Common Law
U.S.: Circuit Court decisions in 1950s
"Right to Light" : So What?
Lack of Legal Right to Light:
Hodgepodge of local laws that may or may not
be transferable to other places
No standard guidance for policy or individuals
Mistakes take a long time to become apparent and fix
Visualizing Solar Access Planes (or Zones)
Visualizing Solar Access Planes (or Zones)
New Perspective - Solar: Look Out
Contested Space & Property Rights Battles
Solar Path Diagram
Solar access plane as "wedge"
3-D on Sky Dome
Solar Site Analysis
Solar Site Analysis
Analysis Products
Remote Solar Site Analysis
Looking Out - Now What?
Tree Placement: Optimal
Energy Efficiency
Tree Shadows in Winter
Limit Solar Gain for Heating
Strategies at Scale
Strategies at Scale
Strategies at Scale
Information, guidelines, Covenants, voluntary agreements, easements,
ordinances, reference material...
Guidelines, Covenants, easements, ordinances, reference material - Post-disaster planning
Avoid Infrastructure Damage & Foster Good Tree Health
Solar access is both:
A legal definition
A physical, fixed, measurable space
The sun has a predictable path
Solar site analysis looks at:
The site
Obstructions nearby
Output products cannot handle trees
No guarantee a roof can generate power
Relevant urban forest benefits:
Increased property values
Building conditioning
Lower energy usage
Cooler temperatures
Urban tree canopy decreasing
Planting programs seek to reverse
this trend
Solar costs decreasing, installations
increasing, grid parity by ~2020
Two relevant types in cities:
photovoltaic and solar thermal
Solar Safe Zones are site- specific
Plant lists by site for clearance
Neighborhood-scale solutions usually in new construction, post-disturbance
Only ~20-25% of residential roofs are appropriate collection sites
Arborists are here to help
Thank you!
Dan Staley
Analemma Resources, LLC

Right Tree, Right Place, Right Reason
Familiarize ourselves with solutions
Solar Subdivisions, Solar-enabling Code
Solar subdivision in NorCal
Vegetation Zones
Social Acceptance
1 in 4 Existing U.S. Rooftops Suitable for Solar Collectors
Change Urban Design Slightly
Suite of State Laws for Energy Efficiency and Savings
30-year mortgage: standards will add ~$11/month for the average heating, cooling, lighting - but save ~$27/month.

Trees and Rootop Solar are
Renewable Energy Partners
(If Done Properly)
"Zero Net Energy" (ZNE) goals for new homes by 2020 and commercial buildings by 2030
Third Party Ownership (Leased Roofs)
Rooftop Solar is Here to Stay
You have skills and a useful perspective to make a difference for trees and the solar industry.
Looming conflict between the design of the built environment and rooftop solar collection
This conflict is solvable and you can start tomorrow
There is a low barrier to start
Emerging conflict between rooftop solar and trees will benefit you and your organization
Solvable with shallow learning curve
Low-cost entry and few barriers to start
Almost all apps and software are free
- Shadows partially responsible for zoning in U.S
Me? Write Policy?!
CA Solar Shade Protection Act mandates 10a - 2p clearance but does not enforce - civil matter to courts
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