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Workshop 3: Identity Crisis-Literary Elements

READ 180 skill theme for Workshop 3 Identity Crisis.

Melinda Abel

on 15 July 2015

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Transcript of Workshop 3: Identity Crisis-Literary Elements

Literary Elements

Theme is an important message about life that the author wants readers to take away from the story.
Sometimes the theme is clearly stated. Then there are times that the reader must figure it out.
The first step in identifying the theme is to figure out the main idea!
Now for the show!
Happy Feet
Discuss with you table the theme
Don't be afraid to
be yourself
Enjoy your next feature.
Discuss with your table
the theme.
Friendship overcomes
Our next feature
Sleeping Beauty
Discuss with your table the
theme of Sleeping Beauty.
True love
conquers all
What about Beauty and
the Beast?
Discuss with your table
the theme.
Things aren't
what they seem.
Our last feature
Never give up
Now you have a better
understanding of theme.
Give yourself two snaps.
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