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EveryNation 6pm - 2014 Vision Sunday

As a church community, this is a picture/s of where God is leading us in 2014.

Simon Bardone

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of EveryNation 6pm - 2014 Vision Sunday


As those who have been filled to the brim with God's love, our most reasonable and natural response is to share God's love with others! And so out of an overflowing gratitude for how much we've been loved, it is our great joy to share that love with others.
We are a community on a journey...
A journey of following Jesus - our great leader, teacher, saviour and friend - who, by the power of the Holy Spirit, has redeemed us through His death, and who empowers us daily for a meaningful, sustainable, and joy-filled life. And as we go, we go
, as brothers and sisters, breathing in deeply our Father's love, and sharing with the world all that God has so graciously given to us.
A Missional Community
We are a community that's moving forward. Because even though we are deeply rooted and committed to upholding our relationships, we do so always with a vision to engage with and include others beyond

ourselves. So we connect with God, with each other, and with the people, communities, campuses, cities, and even nations beyond our own.
A Rooted Community
God values relationships. We value relationships. You could say that relationships form the very fabric in which every beautiful thing that God does among us is woven. Therefore, from family, to marriage, to our friendships, communities, and yes, even church, we live to invest in honest, meaningful, and lasting relationships.
Our Mission:
To make disciples and make a difference.
Every Nation Church
Insofar as we take a stand against systems and even spiritual forces that would threaten to undermine the grace of God, we equally strive to be a community that fully embraces the wisdom and truth of God. Therefore by His grace, we study God's word, receive strength to apply it, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, we teach the way of Jesus to others as well.
Alpha Course
The God Test
Sunday services
Short-term missions
Youth mentorship
Radical acts of love???
Connect groups
Imperial College
Every Nation Churches
Family, friends, colleagues, etc.
Monday teaching nights
Monthly mentorship
Engage internship
Sunday services
One-to-one discipleship
A Learning Community
A Fighting Community
Like the prophets of old, we are a community that will stand for what God stands for. We will resist evil, and speak out when the truth must be told. We will fight for our families and friendships, for the marginalized and the poor, for freedom and truth, and for the grand cause of Christ.
A Loving Community
A Loved Community
In our own individual ways, we are all broken people in need of God's love. The good news is that God DOES love us. He loved us enough to send his son, Jesus, into the world to die for our sins and make it possible for even the worst of us to know and experience God's forgiveness and life-changing love.
Breathing... together
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