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Root to Shoot Ratios

No description

Jailisse Knowles

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of Root to Shoot Ratios

and materials
Van der Weele, C. M., Spollen, W. G., Sharp, R. E., & Baskin, T. I. (2000).
Growth of Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings under water deficit studied by
control of water potential in nutrient‐agar media. Water Deficits and
Plant Growth, 51(350), 1555-1562
and comparison
Shoot elongation (hypocotyl: stem of germinating seed) decreased with lower water potential
Root elongation increased with lower water potential (to a certain degree)
Dry weight
Rate of elongation
Our experiment:
We predict that the ratio of root to shoot will be closer to 1 from the samples from the roadside than the hillside. On the hillside, the root to shoot ratio will be lower.
part 2
A. thaliana roots grew faster in the PEG agar than the control group, which was not expected
part 1
Results in the primary shoot showed that A. thaliana grew at steady rates with low inputs of water
Growth of Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings under water deficit studied by control of water potential in nutrient-agar media
Seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana & minimization of evaporation
Light-grown plants
Transferred to plates with lowered water potential or control plates with the same water potential.
Dark-grown plants
Lowered water potential
•Measuring dry weight 8 hours at 60 °C

•The elongation rate of a root was divided by the relevant average cell length of the same root, and
this ratio was averaged over the sample.
•Root and hypocotyl elongation measurement
van der Weele, C.M., Spollen, W.G., Sharp, R.E., and Baskin, T.I. (1999)
A study and analysis on
Plant growth
Arabidopsis thaliana
Low-molecular-weight solutes
Drying soil
Growth responses
A. thaliana
A. thaliana shoots grew slow at moderate stress, and did not grow at high stress levels, due to seedlings being sensitive
Change of PEG agar showed no difference on root or shoot growth
A. thaliana roots diameter and elongation both became smaller under water deficient environments
and materials
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