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Colombian band (Bogotá) of genre alternative rock, created i

No description

Andrea Perez

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Colombian band (Bogotá) of genre alternative rock, created i

Colombian band ( Bogotá ) of genre alternative rock, created in 2006.
The formation of the band were influenced by the alternative like U2, Coldplay and Radiohead rock bands

Álvaro Charry "Bako"
Jorge Luis Bello "Geogy"
Diego Cáceres "Dizee"
Ramón Gutiérrez "Ray"
Diego Cadavid "Cadavid"
The band was formed by vocalist Bako and Geogy , where they began to create melodies and songs, with the time in an empirical manner manage to attach new sounds and trends. After a short time Dizee on keyboards, Ray on bass, and Cadavid on drums.
In 2009, the band published their first album debut entitled Babel, released on December 18, with successes as they open fire, Wolf Man in paris, before i go to sleep and predatory love in total 13 songs.
Tres.Seis.Cinco would be their first single. This was released in September 2011 in the event of presentation of the project Absolut The Mills which was attended by journalists, fans and relatives of the band. From this last night began to break records, 10,692 spectators saw the launch concert
BABEL (2009)
and now it is possession as one of the bands in alternative rock, preferred by young rockers, called Titans fans

and big surprises with his new album is expected by 2014.
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