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Character in Gothic Writing

No description

Mr. Riley

on 25 January 2017

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Transcript of Character in Gothic Writing

in Gothic Writing
Following on from Monday's lesson, what kind of description should you use when writing about a Gothic character?
'Her hair was red.'
'Her hair was crimson/scarlet'
How could this be more vivid?
When describing, vivid descriptions make the character (and the setting) come to life.
Here are some Gothic characters, they aren't ALL scary/bad. Describe them using:

1) Vivid descriptions of how they look

2) Vivid descriptions of what their appearance 'says' about them
'Protagonist' (Main Character.)

These people are the ones who drive the story forward. Without them, the story doesn't unfold.
E.g: 'The Woman in Black' is centred around Arthur Kipps' business trip to Eel Marsh House. Until he arrives there, the Woman in Black doesn't feature at all.
in most Gothic Stories are usually skeptics of the supernatural/paranormal.

This is usually to 'test' the idea of the supernatural to the reader, it makes it more believable when they do encounter something out of the ordinary.
In the examples above, the three protagonists were:

Ichabod Crane: Police Officer
Sent to investigate murders in Sleepy Hollow.

Dr. Jekyll

A respected Doctor who experiments too far with his potions...

Arthur Kipps: Lawy

Sent to Eel Marsh House to sort through legal documents, encounters the woman in black.

Professor Parkin: Cambridge Professor

Goes on a trip to the beach to dig for fossils, awakens a vengeful spirit.
These are examples of a character's profession being a sign of their character: all are quite scientific and don't believe in the supernatural...at first.
Now that you've got your notes on these, I would like you write a sample sentence about each picture.
What are the similarities between these protagonists?
Professor Lupin
Your character has gone to an old house where they have been told there is a haunting.

The haunting means that nobody will buy the house and your character must stay the night and prove there is no haunting. Things are going well until about

Tell us what happens! Describe the room where they are staying. What Gothic elements could you include?

Dan McMadman awoke in his armchair as the clock chimed three.
He grunted and stretched, his old bones clicking like firecrackers in the echoey house.

There was someone standing behind the curtain.

"Who's there, come out of there right now!"
He wasn't scared, just alarmed. His voice shook a little.

A shadowy figure emerged, though Dan could see through it and to the terrible IKEA curtains which were behind.

"I am the ghost of Jeff Simpkins, the previous owner of this house and winner of the world's most boring man competition 2011. I'm here to have my reveeeeeeenge."
The ghost looked as if he was reading from a script.

Dan was confused, as was the ghost. They both stood there awkwardly for about a minute, not knowing what to do. Then the house was hit by a nuclear bomb; that soon sorted them out.
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