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Grand Rapids Showcase

No description

CAS Careers

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Grand Rapids Showcase

Friday, April 15 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM 9:00 a.m. Meet at CAS
10:30 a.m. GRid 70

12:00 p.m. kantorwassink Lambert, Edwards & Associates
1:30 p.m. Hanon McKendry Seyferth & Associates
3:30 p.m. Networking at Tavern on the Square
5:30 p.m. Leave Grand Rapids
7:00 p.m. Arrive at MSU GREEN TOUR: WHITE TOUR: Amway, Meijer, Steelcase,Wolverine Worldwide 9:00 - Student Check-In in S. Lobby of CAS Kantorwassink /
Hanon McKendry Arrive back on campus Lunch Networking event at Tavern on
the Square Seyferth & Assoc /
Lambert, Edwards & Assoc - or - Leave for campus Grid70 10:30 - 4:30 - 1:30 - 12:30 - Friday, April 15th Green Tour: White Tour: 7:00 - 6:00 - Networking Is a relationship built on mutual benefit What is unique about you?
How do you want to “package” yourself?
What can you offer to the company to meet their specific needs? What to Wear Business Casual to Business Attire
Suit or Button-Up Shirt
Professional yet comfotable shoes for walking
Women: Slacks or Skirt
Men: Tie Optional How Should I Prepare? Bring copies of your resume
Research the companies
Identify how your skills are a match
Getting their Attention
Being approachable Smiling and eye contact
Handshake Starting a conversation instead of waiting Good manners Sharing knowledge Knowing how to end a conversation appropriately Genuinely listening to others A great sense of humor Green Tour White Tour How did you get your job here?
What do you like about this job?
What is the most difficult thing about the industry?
What would make someone successful here?
What skills do you find yourself using consistently?
What background is critical for new employees?
What are the key business issues your company is facing?
How do you differentiate yourselves from the competition?
What Should I Ask? So you have their attention.

Now what? Send a thank you note the next day to contacts you want to build relationships with.

Be specific in your thank you. . . give a sincere compliment! IDENTITY: BRAND STATEMENT: PROFESSIONAL
CREDIBILITY: BENEFIT TO COMPANY: NEXT STEP: CLOSURE: Hi my name is ________. I am a senior studying advertising and public relations. Most recently, I interned at _________ where I had the opportunity to_____________. I am proud of the fact that I was able to _______ and know that will benefit XYZ Co. as _______ . I’d like to speak with you and learn more about how I can contribute to your organization. Thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing you again.
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