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The Outsiders Chapter 8 See Theme and Characterization

Just a Student project

John Weisbrod

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of The Outsiders Chapter 8 See Theme and Characterization

The Outsiders: Chapter 8
Warren Yin
Zach Lyons
Takeo Kuno

Taft Period 4
BIG Rumble Tonight!
In this chapter, Ponyboy meets Johnny, who is in critical condition in a hospital. Ponyboy wants Johnny to finish reading
Gone With the Wind
. Jonny's mom also shows up there in a horrible mood; however, Johnny refuses to see her. Ponyboy and Two-Bit also visit Dally, who has recovered nicely in the hospital. Dally tells them that Tim Shepard just passes by. Two-Bit tells Dally about the rumble. Dally requests Two-Bit for his prized possession, his black switchblade. On the way home, Ponyboy and Two-Bit meet with Cherry Valance, who says that the Socs accepts the rumble, and the rules are no weapons. Ponyboy asks Cherry to visit Johnny, but Cherry refuses, only because Johnny killed Bob, and Bob was a nice guy who became violent only when he's drunk. Ponyboy calls her a traitor, or betrayer, but later forgives Cherry.
Greasers V.S. Socs
"...I figured southern gentlemen had nothing on Johnny Cade" (Pg.120)
"I knew Johnny understood what I meant. We had always been close buddies and those lonely days in the church strengthened our friendship."
Ponyboy Curtis
Johnny Cade
"' I don't want to die now. It ain't long enough. Sixteen years ain't long enough.'(pg.121)
This quote shows that Johnny is a kind, caring and gallant boy. This is indirect characterization and it is shown by other people’s reactions.
This quote shows that Johnny is just a scared young boy. This is indirect characterization shown through dialogue.
This quote shows that Ponyboy is a real friend to Johnny. They know and care each other very much. This is indirect characterization shown by thoughts.
"'You'll be okay,' I repeated firmly. Don't start crying, I commanded myself, don't start crying, you'll scare Johnny" (pg.121)
This quote shows that Ponyboy is scared of Johnny dying just as much as Johnny is. He is a great, caring friend. This is indirect characterization showing thoughts and speech.
No matter how bad a situation a person is in, real friends will always stick together with true friendship.

BIG Rumble Tonight!
Greasers V.S. Socs
Song-Living on a Prayer
We choose this song because Johnny is dying and the big rumble is coming up. Ponyboy is basically "living on a prayer", hoping that they can win the rumble even with the the slightest chance and Johnny will survive. But the chances are very slim. Also, when the song says, "Take my hand, and we'll make it I swear", it sounds that Ponyboy is saying to Johnny that he is going to survive and he is not going to die.
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"But Two-Bit wouldn't take no for an answer. That was his buddy in there and he aimed to see him" (119).
This quote says that Two-Bit begs to go in and see Johnny seriously, which shows the determination and true friendship of Tow-Bit to see a very sick friend.

"You'll be ok," I said with a fake cheerfulness. "You gotta be. We couldn't get along without you"(121).
This quote says that Ponyboy likes Johnny a lot and wishes him to stay alive and healthy. Without Johnny, their friendship will break, and Ponyboy will be heartbroken without a friend like Johnny.

"Two bit handed it over to Dally without a moment's hesitation"(125).
This quote shows that Two-Bit was willing to give his prized possession for his friend to help him get through these tough times.

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